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    Patriots vs Giants—Preseason Game 1

    Williams is unique in that he sucked and yet has somehow gotten worse each year.
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    Patriots vs Giants—Preseason Game 1

    Has anyone done less and stayed on the Pats roster longer than Joe Williams? This game is basically his NE career in a nutshell, blown coverage, too slow, bad penalties.
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    Chris Sale aiming to return

    He fractured a rib working out, I'd say that has more to do with his frail physique than bad luck. I think he is very injury prone because he weighs 170-180 at 6'6". Quite possible the wrist fracture is also related to his tiny frame. Perhaps if he had more mass he would have sprained his...
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    Sox acquire Eric Hosmer

    I think with Hosmer we just have to think of him as a generic AAAA vet min type acquisition at this point since that is what he is for the Sox payroll. In that context he is better than Franchy thus perfectly adequate. He can hopefully catch the ball and not strike out 50% of the time. If...
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    Red Sox Trade Deadline 2022

    So who punched Bloom in the mouth?
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    Watson to Cleveland

    What is the likelihood the NFL would have won in court though had they overruled the independent arbiter which inevitably would have resulted in Watson camp suing? Wouldn't the courts give an independent arbiter deferential treatment over the league especially when there are no criminal charges...
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    2022 Offseason

    Funny I thought the same exact thing. Really interesting career: 6 seasons over 10yrs spanning 93-04, 92 total GP in NHL, 38 of those came in 94-95 with the Bruins. 1 career G came in his final season with WAS in 04.
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    Bullpen ‘22

    And he slipped on the mound and hit a batter. The problem was bringing him in with the tying run on 2nd no outs and expecting him to get through unscathed. He would have needed to be perfect to get out of that jam and wasn't quite but anyone saying he got smoked it is obvious they only watched...
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    Computer virus issue..........

    Also never, ever reboot if you think you have been infected, that is how the malware can get deep into the system and rebooting will almost never fix it by itself. Like many applications they need a reboot to complete the install, just because you have a pop up saying you have been infected...
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    2022 Offseason

    They also traded Ben Bishop for Erik Cernak and Drouin for Sergachev. Drouin was still in his prime but getting more expensive so more along the lines of trading Douggie but Sergachev is 3yrs younger. Bishop was clearly offloading an expensive aging vet. So two of their current top 4 D were...
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    2022 Offseason

    Since you explicitly called out my post questioning if they were really in "cap hell" I'd like to point out that the very article you used to support the argument said they had roughly 11M in cap space and needed to fill the back end of the roster plus Douggie, in 2015. If that is cap hell then...
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    6/10--NBA Finals G4, Golden State @ Celtics

    Team has too many cooks not enough chefs. One of Brown and or Tatum needed to take over the 4th instead of relying on Smart and White and other role players. That was a game for the stars to close instead they disappeared.
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    Bruins Fire Cassidy

    Sorry Fris appreciate your candor in this thread but are we really quoting BR and random bloggers as proof? The Bs were in salary cap hell much like TB is in salary cap he'll every year which is the best kind of cap hell, having productive players on market value contracts that they can easily...
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    Bruins Fire Cassidy

    Sadly they are stuck with Foligno thanks to DS, this move is BS.
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    Celtics vs. Warriors, NBA Finals

    There is a big difference between taking advantage of the Rules Bill Belichick style and taking advantage of Tim Donaghy level officiating. Last night was a clear example of a league wanting a 7 game series. Green was literally tackling players and getting penalties called on said players as a...