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    Please recommend a computer monitor

    We have a Dell P2721Q and an LG whose model I cannot recall but that is the 27 inch 4-k monitor with USB-C (used for separate work spaces). Both are great and are around the price point you mention, or at least were.
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    Please recommend a computer monitor

    It won’t fit your budget, but the convenience of a USB-C monitor that supports charging is really an amazing convenience. It means our laptop chargers can live in the living room/work bags because they aren’t needed in the office and that makes moving around the house with laptops frictionless...
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    5/2 vs Portland

    His left arm going up is also a completely natural reaction to getting hip-checked in the face.
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    5/2 vs Portland

    They’d have to be really bad shots though. Two 25% shots have the same scoring expectation as one 50% shot.
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    4/28 vs Charlotte

    Seems like Brad has benched the normal bench as a message after the last game. This is a preview of the playoffs though, where we should roll with a similar rotation just with Smart and Kemba replacing Waters and Nesmith.
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    Apple rumored to stop using Intel chips by 2020

    No one is forcing you to use a case. Live a little and ditch the case.
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    4/17 vs. GSW

    This is a good challenge. We’ll probably lose it anyway.
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    4/17 vs. GSW

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    4/17 vs. GSW

    His footwork is glacial and probably caps his ceiling on defense at somewhere around adequate.
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    4/17 vs. GSW

    Kemba has been figuring out how to adjust to changes to his body and Tatum has been dealing with long Covid. The answer isn’t really that complicated.
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    4/17 vs. GSW

    Steph pushed off Tatum and fell and it’s a foul on Tatum?
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    Grant Williams: breakout rookie?

    Healthy, there’s only a maximum of 20 mpg total for people other than our top 7 rotation players in the playoffs, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see us go to a 7 man rotation in key games. Kemba, Smart, Brown, Tatum, and Fournier will all play big minutes 1-4, and the 5 minutes are spoken for...
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    Tremont Waters is Bad

    Losing a 20+ point lead in 6 minutes requires a pace equal to a 40 point/quarter difference. That’s a really high bar. I think if both teams are going to their deep bench, it is perfectly appropriate to do it at that point. Our deep bench failed miserably, but that doesn’t mean it was the wrong...
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    4/15 at LAL

    Tacko probably gets a real NBA contract next year. He has played quality minutes in limited roles this year. Don’t see him ever being a valuable player, but as a 14th man there are worse options in the league. Waters just isn’t an NBA player and never will be.
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    Analysis of Celtics Games (2020-2021)

    This makes sense. We had one too many centers and Brad was playing them all, which created all sorts of problems. I don’t think anyone did anything wrong. I think Ainge wanted a wing but the market dried up while the Hayward situation was being worked out. I think that is easy to view as a...