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    The Future of the PGA Tour and Majors - who you got?

    Agree on Day - only has one major and as you say, seems to always be dealing with something. Spieth is interesting. He won three majors. At the British, he won while his game was a bit of a mess. He drove it everywhere that week. Hard not to root for him to get back into form and, if he...
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    The Future of the PGA Tour and Majors - who you got?

    DeChambeau's driving distance on measured holes is 338; DJ's is 321. On all tee shots it's 322 for BD and 307 for DJ. And, DJ only hits the fairway 5% more often. DeChambeau's SG off the tee is first on tour at 1.3 while DJ is at 0.88, 11th overall. How was the rough at Winged Foot? Was it...
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    The Future of the PGA Tour and Majors - who you got?

    I've been thinking about how bright the future of the PGA tour is right now with incredible young talent and with a new generation of players hitting their prime. I looked through the list of the last 11 year's of major winners. The full list of winners is spoilered below with some thoughts on...
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    2020 PGA Tour

    Sergio stuffs his approach on 18 - the hardest hole on the golf course - and rolls in the birdie to cap a tidy 67 and a win albeit over a pretty weak field. Apparently he putted with his eyes closed all week. The putt Sergio made on 18 was about the same length as the one Fleetwood missed on...
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    2020 US Open

    Any video of Bubba's 7 on the first? Fairway off the tee, greenside bunker in two. Back of the green in three and four more to get in, including a 15 footer for 7. I'd like to see that.
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    2020 PGA Championship- Harding Park

    Koepka is the only one over par for the first few holes. No SOSH love for Collin Morikawa? That would be a story.
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    2020 PGA Championship- Harding Park

    So, who you got for this afternoon? I'm firmly in team anyone but Bryson, though he's off to a good start. Would love to see Koepka go three in a row. Would also be happy with a second major for DJ.
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    2020 PGA Championship- Harding Park

    Sorry I wasn't clear I was looking for hole by hole rankings relative to par. Turns out the ESPN page has been updated. You can find the data here:
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    2020 PGA Championship- Harding Park

    Anyone know where I can find hole-by-hole scoring statistics? ESPN has a page, but it's not updated. I haven't been able to find them anywhere else.
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    Favorite Brady Game

    Beyond the playoffs, this game, not just for the butt fumble, but for how quickly this game went from close to over is one of my favorites. My brother's wife is a Jets fan. My mother was at their house for Thanksgiving. We were on the phone mocking my sister-in-law for most of the day. It's...
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    NHL Trade Deadline Gamethread

    On the Simmonds to the Sabres, the narrative in Buffalo is that the team is soft and the effort is inconsistent. Only Eichel is seen as playing consistently. I think adding Simmonds, and the Devils paying half his salary, is intended to add grit and effort.
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    January NHL Game Thread

    Old friend Noel Acciari is having a run - 12 goals in his last 12 games for 17 goals this season in 41 games. Somehow: he's scored the 17 goals on only 68 shots he's got only 3 assists he's got no powerplay goals but is still a -1 on the season He's getting ~18 minutes a night in Florida.
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    2019 Game Ball Thread: Wk. 16 vs Bills

    This, exactly. Time of possession, yards, every metric the Pats were better. If not for a couple of successful heaves, the game wouldn't have been close.
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    Celebrating What Is

    Tom Brady is now 245-70 including postseason. Drew Brees (165-116) is second with 80 fewer wins, 46 more losses. Tom has started 31 more games than Brees, despite entering the league only 1 year before him. The extra games are obviously due to the Pats deep runs in the playoffs. Brady has a...
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    September NHL News Thread

    Help me understand what's happening with the Leafs and the cap. CapFriendly says they're at almost $95M against the cap of $81.5M; the $95 includes it seems $13.3M in LTIR, and $1.2M in retained salary from Kessel. So, what I understand is that they enter the season with essentially no...