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    MLB Considering Playing All Games In Arizona, Returning In May (And A Number Of Other Changes To The Game)

    Oh no, I don't think there's any chance this could be done with fans. My thought is players & the absolute minimum necessary personnel only (i.e. umpires, etc.). Abbott said they're making 50,000 of these quick turnaround tests per day starting April 1. By the end of May, that's theoretically 3M...
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    MLB Considering Playing All Games In Arizona, Returning In May (And A Number Of Other Changes To The Game)

    If the MLB can get access to bulk quantities of the 5 min tests, then this is a great idea. The NBA and other leagues should also be pursuing it. Heck, you could test people twice within ten minutes to be extra safe. I think there's value in having distractions like this and they'd probably get...
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    The Ringer

    They should just rename it a Mount Rushmore (with ten Presidents) of music festivals picked in a snake format. Voila! Totally an original idea that nobody has ever thought of for non sports content.
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    Red Sox have uploaded a FOUR HOUR LOOP of Ortiz’s 2013 grandslam

    I know Joe Buck gets a lot of hate, but in my opinion his call of this is perfection. So good!
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    Coronavirus Pause Game Thread

    Fuck him, what a shitty move.
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    Marcus Smart has COVID-19

    The no symptoms part is what gets me. I wonder if we'll ever know how widespread this thing really is because of that.
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    Rethinking Barstool?

    Haha what a get!
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    Rethinking Barstool?

    There's no way. It's gotta be like the Dr. Andrews (PhD, IT Services) that they found.
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    Gone Brady Gone

    I'm not a Patriots fan, but this feels like a really bad take.
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    NBA suspends season

    That's perfect honestly. I'd love it. Simmons and others have been pushing it lately.
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    NBA suspends season

    It was immature and foolish behavior from him pre-confirmation, but this is a really nice gesture. Props to him for dealing with a PR crisis the right way, he seems like a good guy.
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    NBA suspends season

    I’m reading that as taking credit for Zion’s generosity without actually committing to anything? What the fuck?
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    NBA suspends season

    We know a couple are (Cuban and the Warriors I believe), so I imagine it would leak if the rest were doing so.
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    NBA suspends season

    Very disappointing that the players are taking the lead on this and not the billionaire owners. Good on Giannis, but this is why I very rarely have any patience for owners during negotiations.
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    March 2020 NBA Game Thread

    Didn't even think of that. Makes much more sense re; Gobert.