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    Sox sign Wacha

    No, you should definitely be against the band Chicago. That's a far easier question to answer than Bloom's performance so far.
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    Analysis of Celtics Games, '21-'22 Season

    Yeah it probably still is, in there somewhere. I was thinking the same thing. But WBCD does point out that KD doesn't really even need to sidestep/stepback. That extra few inches of length matters.
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    Enes Kanter Freedom to Boston

    Agreed. And he'll also be facing a bit of an uphill battle in the NBA twitterverse, as there's a certain dismissiveness among the in-crowd there. "Who the fuck is Enes Kanter, and why do we care what the third string center on a mediocre team thinks?" You already see some of this in the...
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    Jaylen Brown, The Vet Years

    Lol all of this is true. And half of the turkey is vegetarian substitute.
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    OK, I am going to ask the question: Has BB lost his fastball?

    I'm concerned a bit about the secondary. We look great now, but at some point an opposing OL will be able to protect their QB. Not sure that Mills and our slow LBs will look as good against guys in a nice pocket.
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    Enes Kanter Freedom to Boston

    The "how dare that guy who got death threats for speaking his mind tell us to shut up...he should shut up" is so meta that someone at the Onion should have written it.
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    Sox sign Wacha

    It was a noble attempt.
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    Jaylen Brown, The Vet Years

    Hahahaha. Don't forget my box of poo promise.
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    Jaylen Brown, The Vet Years

    I remain unconvinced. We're talking about trading for guys who do most of what Brown does plus a guy who might be X someday. The Beal or Lillard trades I get. Even the KAT trade idea I get. Beal and Lillard are even better scorers, and KAT plays a different position altogether. I wouldn't...
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    2021-22 NBA In-Season News/Transactions

    Yes. But he's cheap and he's a name. More Terry than MaMo tho.
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    Jaylen Brown, The Vet Years

    You're encouraging him. The best player in your post is JB. I'm trying to understand why we want a deal in the NBA where the best player is outbound. If we're rebuilding, then fine. Brad should Pitino this shit and have a bunch of guys going out for kidz and picks (and dead weight).
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    Sox sign Wacha

    Yes. And when top talent at a position of need is available, we can judge Bloom on the results. The "top talent available" isn't always top talent. This is an ownership group that has signed huge contracts before and won four titles. The burden of proof that they're serious about contending...
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    Pats sign LB Matt Judon

    They missed some edges yesterday for sure, more than usual. Not sure if all were on Judon or not. It was noticeable because it was so unusual for this team.
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    Shams: Celtics "engaged in conversations" with 76ers for Ben Simmons

    Hawks have mad shooting, and Simmons covers some defense shortcomings. Not sure that you want to play him with Capela though.