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    Jays planning to demolish Rogers Centre, build new stadium in its place

    Yes it was - it was the first Major League ballpark I got to see a game in besides Fenway. I was always a 'They can't replace Fenway Park!' guy, but visiting The Ballpark sure starting making me think otherwise.
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    Dan Shaughnessy: Taking a dump in your mouth one column at a time

    He also has to live with the knowledge that fellow Globe alum Peter Gammons, Bob Ryan and Jackie MacMullan all have much higher national profiles than him.
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    Theo Epstein steps down as Cubs' Head of Baseball Ops

    Short of being named commissioner, I don't know what position has the power to accomplish something good that the owners would go along with.
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    The Ringer

    In my opinion, politics is like football now - like the NFL, there is no more 'offseason' between elections, especially if Trump goes through with plans to run again in 2024.
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    Alex Cora is back as Sox manager

    The Red Sox were the equivalent of a 65-win team this season - there is no way Cora is on the hot seat if the '21 club wins fewer than 80 games.
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    Alex Cora is back as Sox manager

    To this, I'd also add that A.J. Hinch had no problems landing a job this offseason despite being the direct supervisor of the supposed masterminds and the players who carried out the scheme. I'm skeptical that he'd have been such a hot commodity if he wasn't a White guy.
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    October NHL news

    Never meet your heroes.
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    Dan Shaughnessy: Taking a dump in your mouth one column at a time

    I have never heard anyone besides Shaughnessy make the 'tomato can' reference, ever.
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    2020 Pats: Gilmore Tests Positive for C-19 but Asymptomatic

    I know that Kraft is an owner and thus a member of the club, but he needs to put his foot down for the good of his team and organization. At some point a professional athlete, coach or other team employee is going to be the first one to get really sick and die from Covid - does he really want...
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    Ongoing Manager Search 2020

    I'm having a hard time summoning any outrage over today's announcement. The Boston Red Sox organization 'did right by' Ron Roenicke by giving him the managerial job when they could have (and maybe should have) asked him to step down along with Alex Cora in the wake of the video scandal - as the...
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    Rosenthal: Mookie and LAD in agreement: 12/$365

    Is there any indication or proof that Boston's 10/$300 offer was a firm one and not subject to additional negotiation? I'm only speculating here, but I believe that if Mookie and his agents were willing to negotiate, the final Sox offer would have been higher (likely well south of $390 million...
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    Red Sox Draft Tanner Houck, RHP, Missouri at #24 Overall

    I could care less what number slot he is assigned. 2021 is still going to be more of a rebuilding year, so if Houck proves himself worthy of a starting role that will be good enough for me - hopefully he will be pushed down the rotation later in the year by a healthy Sale and (fingers and toes...
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    Red Sox make scouting department cuts

    I just hope that anyone who fought for the Trey Ball pick is no longer in the organization.
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    If the season gets to September 1, the Red Sox luxury tax resets

    I get why people are upset - after all, what has the Henry/Werner ownership group ever done for Red Sox fans?
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    If the season gets to September 1, the Red Sox luxury tax resets

    I was going to write a snarky 'Can't wait for the NESN video!' response, but to be honest, a one-hour video of Chaim and the Gang of Four doing their job would be infinitely more entertaining than the supposed 'baseball' this team has been playing.