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    2020 Pats: Belichick Breakdowns & Beatdowns

    This was great. Thanks for posting it. The video glosses over Gurley's injury impacting his ability to hit those smaller gaps as hard as he might have managed to otherwise, but it was a great schematic breakdown, IMO.
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    2020 Pats: Do the Patriots Make the Playoffs?

    In as a wild card. Will play like a division winner until Cam gets hurt. Then will fall to the WC and an early playoff exit.
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    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    This season, it appears that the PS4 version of the MLB.TV app now disables the pause, rewind, and fast forward buttons during commercial breaks. So, those of us who sometimes pick up the game late and try to catch up need to be really precise about when/how we try to advance things. The app...
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    Red Sox requested that a humidor be installed at Fenway Park

    Wouldn’t the lack of in-game video access for hitters (for both sign stealing and legitimate purposes) be another potential cause for the (small sample size alert!) drop in BABIP? I get that the batted ball/outcomes data would imply that quality of contact might not be an issue, but I’m guessing...
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    Red Sox pitching carousel thread (our pitching is HISTORICALLY bad)

    I’ll go ahead and take a guess that they won’t set a team record for most runs allowed in a season. The rate stats are all in play, though.
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    Washington Football Team Name Change

    From a "keeping the fan/team history" angle, what about the "Pigskins"? Keeps the "Skins" shorthand and is a nod to the old "Hogs" teams.
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    2020 Pats: Cooking with Cam

    Upon further review, I appear to have blanked on the fact that Slayton was already gone last season, and it was Williams who was the go-to guy in 2019. I guess I let my rage level for Malzahn's offense by mid-season blind me to key details on the field, like who was actually making plays and...
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    2020 Pats: Cooking with Cam

    Slayton wouldn’t shock me if he became a decent NFL contributor for a few years. I’m no Mascho, obviously, but I’ve watched 98% of football Auburn games outside of since around 1999, and Seth Williams doesn’t even register in my mind after I read this. If Seth Williams produces enough in the...
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    2020 Pats: Cooking with Cam

    Any QB who can produce with the WR corps that Auburn typically has (apologies to Sammie Coates Taylor? Duke Williams?) is NFL worthy. I'm not sure how to feel right now. I'm excited and terrified of this as an Auburn fan and a Patriots fan at the same time. It's like...
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    Covid and MLB

    These conditions might actually test MLB's plan to forcibly relocate teams mid-season. It'll certainly be interesting.
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    ZOOM? or Google Hangouts or ?

    One option that my wife's family recommended to us is Jitsi. Jitsi Meet Link. It's an Open Source effort, with end-to-end encryption and no known record of shady data practices that we're aware of. We've used it for 4-6 party personal conferences, I can't speak to how practical it is for...
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    Gone Brady Gone

    This is disappointing, but not shocking. Tom's idol, Joe Montana, went to the Chiefs to prove that he could win outside of SF. Tom's friend, Peyton Manning, had a great second act in Denver. A guy who has always had a chip on his shoulder and something to prove had nothing left to prove in...
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    Romo staying at CBS for $100-plus million

    You're assuming that Disney doesn't somehow acquire CBS Sports in response.
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    MLB plotting playoff expansion — with reality TV twist

    I'm not a fan of this proposal, but it makes sense on one level, if your focus is on trying to discourage teams from tanking. "Pennant races between .500 teams" would be preferable to "We're not winning 95+ games, so let's tank for prospects/draft picks" if someone in MLB is thinking that...