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    4/14- 2:10 PM ET @ MIN: Part I...And II!

    Hey, what if we just kept kicking the shit out of people? EDIT: They won 24 games last season. By what date do they win 24 this season?
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    4/13- 2:10 PM ET @ MIN: Neither snow nor rain...

    Really nice win over a solid team, on the road. This is fun!
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    Gameweek 31

    The specter of possibly losing a league match to a promoted Sunderland next year and then seeing the match turned into 2 hours of Netflix content no longer looms quite as conceringly.
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    4/10- 7:05 PM ET @ BAL: The Wind-Up Pitch Chronicles

    Good win and even better thread title. We got some literate mickyfickies around here.
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    4/8- 3:05 PM ET @ BAL: Clipped Swings, Fowl Balls

    Hey, this thing where we poop on other teams and make them sad is pretty fun.
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    The Red Sox will be wearing yellow and blue uniforms on Patriots' Day weekend

    I was positive that I was going to hate these, but I don't mind the jerseys at all as Patriots' Day alternates given the marathon tie-in (the hats suck). But there are two problems that more than cancel that out. First, they already don't wear their existing, lovely uniforms enough. Second, if...
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    Herron Stops an Attempted Roethlisberger

    He's worked next to Trent Brown before, so his perspective might be skewed.
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    NCAA Tournament Thread

    That kid looked like he’d never made two straight in his life and just canned them. Wow.
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    Gameweek 29

    Fuck me. What the fuck? Fucking fuck. Jesus fuck. #nufc
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    Schilling says he's leaving Boston to be with 'people that are nice'

    He's +105 against Taylor Swift.
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    Curb Your Enthusiasm: US Youth National Teams, Prospect Hype, and Youth Development Thread [The DA is DEAD updates]

    Big. There were basically two must-win games in this tournament and that was one of them. Now it's basically just the SF.
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    Schilling says he's leaving Boston to be with 'people that are nice'

    I mean, we are jerks, but that's all part of the charm. Durgin Park would have broken him forever.
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    Pats Sign WR Kendrick Bourne

    We all need to go to sleep and let Miguel figure out the cap implications of all this.
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    Pats Re-sign Cam Newton to a 1-Year Deal

    Probably not--think it just means that a large percentage of the incentives are tied to those things as opposed to games played, snaps, etc. So think of it as $6M of the money only kicks in if really good things have happened.
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    3/5 - Washington v2.0

    Boy, that was classy.