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    Kyrie is hurt and we have schadenfreude

    Simmons is going to figuratively end up in Sacramento after all.
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    All Pats-SB Champ Starting Lineup

    Question that might help clarify the exercise: no Revis? If you go by peak or career, he's hard to argue against. But I guess if we are looking just at Pats career (or Pats SB years) then he is behind Law and Gilmore.
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    2022 PGA Tour

    I thought that the PGA commissioner's last statement is the best angle for persuading guys not to leave. He didn't harp on the ethics; he emphasized that for that kind of money, what the Saudis are getting are bought-and-paid-for employees, not partners with a voice in governance. Feels like...
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    The Arms (Errr, Legs) Race: 2022 Summer Transfer Window

    Newcastle address a need I didn't quite understand them to have by snagging GK Nick Pope from Burnley for 12m. They've also been linked with seemingly half of the France U-23 team, which is a good a strategy as any. But not a lot of fireworks and no real credible rumors linking them to...
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    6/13 Finals Game 5 @ GSW

    I'd like to see TL not sell all the way out to block every pull-up attempt in the lane. The perimeter rotations already mess up the boxouts; somebody has to go get the ball.
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    Celtics vs. Warriors, NBA Finals

    "Above the break" meaning taken from behind the arced part of the 3-point line instead of the cutoff/straight portion in the corners.
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    6/8--NBA FINALS G3, Golden State @ Celtics

    Smino has a song name checking Jason Tatum in combo with Jason Voorhies; looks like it worked if he and Tatum are Twitter bros now.
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    Newcastle United 22/23: Halal the Lads* **

    * Yes, this pun relies on the Sunderland “Haway the lads” rather than the Newcastle “Howay the Lads”, but it’s a visual joke and I'm stuck with it. **Offensive alternate thread title spoilered below In profound contrast to the past few years, it seems like there may be NUFC news this summer...
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    Newcastle United 21-22: Bringing Liquified Coals to Newcastle

    Fucking legend. I'm starting a new thread so that this one ends here.
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    5/29--Game 7, Celts at Heat

    They aren't going to Fisherman's Wharf. The whole point of Alameda, then and now, is that it's boring and there are no randos.
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    5/29--Game 7, Celts at Heat

    I'm leaving my Bay Area place to move back home, happy to leave it open to host the C's. The Warriors are in the In'n'Out in Alameda all the time. If Fitts wants to be a legend, all he needs is to do is wait there with a pipe wrench.
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    Celtics vs. Warriors, NBA Finals

    The C's were more talented than Milwaukee (sans Middleton) and Miami, and still needed 7 games to get rid of them. Now, the talent gap is smaller and the other team is healthier, better rested, more experienced, and has home court. Unless the C's figure out how to figure things out, they are...
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    5/25 Celtics@Heat- ECF Game 5

    Yeah, with Herro out and a few other guys seemingly at less than full strength, Miami is going to go Full Muck tonight. Miami will need their defense to be their offense.