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    Let's talk about this ballclub.

    So would I. Bad tail-ends are endemic to FA contracts but the downside is worth it for a top-5 player. And if Mookie had become a FA, I'd live with the Sox giving him that deal just as I've made peace with the Pedroia deal. But given Mookie's repeated statements that he was going to go to FA...
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    Covid and MLB

    Owners might even be in favor of it. Hotels cost money, but it probably cost money to open up a stadium with no fans, too.
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    Gone Brady Gone

    I have little doubt that working at it has helped make Brady durable. The issue to me is that his direct reference to Pulisic suggests that his own training/Chelsea staff -- 2 things about which Tom Brady probably knows very little -- is somehow deficient. That's weak.
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    Let's talk about this ballclub.

    Probably not, but this is a good time to let him give it a shot. So "no stone unturned" is probably the right way to look at it.
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    Let's talk about this ballclub.

    Getting a chance to see if Hernandez can be a reasonable starting option would be nice, but short time is getting shorter.
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    Covid and MLB

    And those college football players live in the non-bubblest place of campuses.
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    07/31 vs. Bucks aka Starting The Short Road to #18

    No one can top never-fouled-out Wilt.
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    Don't buy me some peanuts and cracker jack - Red Sox at MFY - 7/31

    I think part of the 3-batter strategy has to be only bringing in a guy like Brasier with two outs, so he can get his one out and get yanked. He isn't very good anymore but might have a favorable matchup against a single RHH. The downside of course, is that if he loses "his" matchup, he's stuck.
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    Christian Vazquez: What do we have here?

    He did. Both he and the hitting staff agreed at the time that he was having trouble adjusting to a more power-friendly swing plane. I recall some discussion in these parts whether they should just leave him alone because it was making him worse.
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    Covid and MLB

    Baseball is "the cerebral game" apparently played by idiots.
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    Joe Kelly suspended 8 games for throwing at an astro

    Whether 8 games is too much or just right is angels on the head of a pin stuff. The pitch at Bregman is indefensible. It was *behind* his head, which every analyst I've ever heard says is worse, because a player's natural reaction is to back into it. And Kelly's lack of control is irrelevant...
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    Deadspin defectors debut

    I have no idea about its finances, but Baseball Prospectus is almost completely paid now. Not sports, but Josh Marshall has written extensively about why he pushed TalkingPointsMemo to a subscription model. (Although they still have quite a bit of free content.) (I subscribe to TPM, but not BP).
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    Covid and MLB

    I think it's precisely because it looks odd that using the system is why he's doing it. Or maybe he has nowhere else to go after he got kicked out of the house for taking all those Marlins to the strip joint.
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    Covid and MLB

    Cynic that I am, yes, precisely because of how things are going. Is there some provision under which things are operating that gets more $$ to active players if/when the season is cancelled, than to those who opted out before cancellation.
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    Covid and MLB

    Back in summer camp, 50 or so years ago, when the entire camp was divided into 2 teams for color war (I'm sure it wasn't just my camp), the big softball game had everyone on each team bat once. So maybe 75-100 on each team, once through the "lineup." But the defense could only have the usual 10...