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    2020 Pats: 2020 Roster & Beyond (non-QB edition)

    Perhaps in the games he plays...young QBs have a bad habit of getting hurt in the NFL.
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    2020 Pats: 2020 Roster & Beyond (non-QB edition)

    This all comes down to Stidham...the reason the Pats offense was top 10 during 2001 -2004 was Brady...they had some decent role players and Troy Brown and Kevin Faulk were excellent, but it was the QB play, whenever they needed it most, that put those teams over the top. The 2020 team has the...
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    RD2 #5/#37: S Kyle Dugger, Lenoir-Rhyne

    SS is an underrated need on the team and not easily replaced in house. Chung has been a key guy on that d for several years, but when he is out or banged up there has been a big drop off in overall effectiveness. Unfortunately Chung seems to get nicked up a lot and he is old.
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    2020 Dolphins: Aloha

    Made the right pick. Congrats
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    Gronk to TB (Tom Brady): A Gronking to Remember

    View: Awfully easy thing to say at this point...
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    Pats' WR corps

    Percy Harvin trying to make a comeback to the NFL...he was linked to BB for years, before he flamed out with his myriad of issues.
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    Patriots HOF Finalists

    I am not sure I ever hated any sports figure more than Tuna at the end...however,...the team was literally out the door at the end of 1992, and outside of the posters on this board, there were few others in NE that cared. He gave the team credibility from the first day of his press conference...
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    Gone Brady Gone

    The Patriots squandered a lot of scoring opportunities in that game and certainly should have scored much more than 13...typical SB with first quarter woes,, horrible pick by Brady, etc. As far as the Rams are concerned, as everyone knows coaching means everything in the NFL and McVay is light...
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    2020 Pats: General/Non-QB Off-Season Discussion

    He is not in the HOF, just the NEP representative on the HOF selection committee...the position on the selection committee is granted for life.
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    2020 Pats: QB Edition

    The report I read was that Hoyer could compete for the job.
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    2020 Pats: QB Edition

    If Hoyer is truly the backup plan then they are punting the season. He’s gotta be here strictly for leadership and to help JS transition in the QB room...Hoyer is not an NFL quarterback.
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    2020 Pats: QB Edition

    I really can’t see the Patriots looking at someone like Winston or Newton. With a strong likelihood of no minicamps and abbreviated training camps, and Belichick’s penchant for familiarity, I would think Brissett is the best bet. He played decent last year until he got hurt, so maybe they...
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    2020 Pats: General/Non-QB Off-Season Discussion

    I wouldn't characterize this as a wow move...they probably should have done it last year...I agree that Harmon is a solid player, but they need to get younger on defense, and a guy like Harmon is replaceable
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    Gone Brady Gone

    As everyone else, I am sad to see Brady leave...there are some guys that teams are just willing to run to the ground,, long past their value, i.e. Kobe, Jeter, often to the detriment of the team's future. You always knew that was unlikely to happen in this instance. That is/was the risk for...
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    2020 TB12: The Decision 2020

    BB is not infallible. He is usually right but has made a few mistakes. I would agree that this one is likely the most important and highest profile, so erring in the side of BB’s decision will likely be wise.