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    Pats Roster Planning: Offense

    I would not keep Edelman on this roster this year. Bill needs to have that conversation now with him. He is cooked and the Patriots need to go younger at the slot position. Great run by Edelman but he needs to hang them up before more serious injury.
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    Would tanking in 2020 been a better option for QB draft position?

    Great post. And the fact is the wins over Baltimore and Arizona plus that come from behind win over the Jets loom so large right now. They would literally be in position to get a QB had they not won those games. It literally sucks that they won those games IMO and I don’t want to hear the oh the...
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    Roy Williams retiring

    if jerry stackhouse was any good at vanderbilt he would probably get considered. Can you sell the fan base on an alum who has a losing record?
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    Pats Depth Chart: an Early Look

    Safety and OL are not massive needs. QB, DL, WR are bigger ones and even LB possibly.
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    Pats QB Options

    This is the year to move up to draft a QB. You have the line in place to protect that rookie QB along with improved skill position players and a solid running game that can protect said QB. With the 2022 class not looking great for QB’s now is the time to get the guy for the future.
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    NFL News and Transactions

    Kenny Golloday signs a 4 year 72 million contract. Max of 76 million with 40 million guaranteed.
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    Pats FA Day 5: Cherry on Top?

    Former second round pick
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    NFL News and Transactions

    JuJu Smith Schuster resigns with Pittsburgh for 1 year 8 million. The patriots mismanaged the WR market.
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    Pats FA Day 5: Cherry on Top?

    Old and on the back nine. Been declining for two years now.
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    Pats Depth Chart: an Early Look

    Especially one on a rookie deal. This is exactly the time to cash in the draft capital for a QB.
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    Pats Roster Planning: Offense

    No blue check mark so probably junk.
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    NFL QB Carousel

    Mitchell Trubisky signs with the Bills.
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    Patrick Chung to retire

    Thank god. Should be more money to play with and they get to move on from an aging player without having to make the decision for him. He does it on his own terms.
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    NFL FA Frenzy Game Thread

    It makes the Agholor signing more puzzling.