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    Week 10 Game Thread

    Wow is that in the running with the Colts fake punt in the pantheon of worst plays ever???
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    Happy Yankees Elimination Day!

    It's like if Joey Gallo was a press conference.
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    Happy Yankees Elimination Day!

    Eh, he had the bases loaded and nobody out, maybe Cole gives up 2 runs instead of the 3 inerited Cole runs Trevino allowed? If he leaves Cole in and he allows 2 the narrative is why he didn't pull Cole for a reliever that could strike batters out there. In hindsight was leaving Chapman off the...
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    9/24 Don’t let us win today

    What a swing
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    Week 2 Game Thread

    That Jesse Ventura intro was pretty awesome
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    Dan Shaughnessy: Taking a dump in your mouth one column at a time

    I'm sure they aren't intentionally missing pitches, when I worked baseball broadcasts I had pretty explicit instruction to never, ever miss a pitch and to cut out of a spot if I had to (Mercedes doesn't want to see tweets that their ad resulted in a missed pitch so there's not much to gain from...
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    2022 Mets: SASSSS (Steve And Sandy Spend Smartly)

    This looks stupid as hell if Diaz gives up 7 runs in a save opportunity but for now it’s my favorite thing in baseball
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    Peter Abe: Offseason 23 Bloom or Cora Could Be Gone?

    I don't think in any year while Bloom's been the GM they have been meant to really contend, last year was a pleasant surprise but until Story this season they hadn't made a significant commitment to anybody. This has likely been in the name of payroll and roster flexibility, which I don't think...
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    2022 Mets: SASSSS (Steve And Sandy Spend Smartly)

    This rules, SNY Mets broadcasts are on another level:
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    Blazers commentators will not travel with team

    Delay depends on the technology used, but is pretty insignificant to the home viewer because signal flow will always add some, some is added at the carrier, and for anything with a censor there is a delay added for that. IOW fans watching on TV were never reacting truly ”live” compared to what...
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    8/12 - Benintendi Returns a la Ellsbury

    Spike Lee is pissed!
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    8/12 - Benintendi Returns a la Ellsbury

    I don’t think Arroyo had the sign
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    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    I am trying DTV Stream (long story is I am using a universal remote with no number keys, Sofabaton X1, got used to using favorite channels mostly, but it really is clunky with my cable, and thought a streamer like this would fit better for that, DTV is the only option for RSN’s here, I like...
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    Sox acquire Eric Hosmer

    They were going to DFA him because they acquired Bell in the Soto trade so Bloom made them a slightly better than DFA offer. Probably also a bit of a favor to him, as he goes to a team where he'll start at 1B.
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    What to do with our DVDs

    It's not free, but you can check many DVD's on Vudu (Look for Disc to Digital) and they will sell you a discounted digital copy that will play in iTunes and other apps, pricing for a DVD is $2 for a SD version and $5 for a HD version (Blu-Ray is $2). Not every movie is eligible but I have a ton...