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    UFC 2020

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    2021 NFL: QB Carousel

    This was my thought at first, but if you're going off regular season (which I assume the clause is), he hasn't actually missed that many snaps. He would have qualified for this in 3 out of 5 years, and had he not been benched last year, it would have only been 1 time in 5 years that he missed...
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    Fernando Tatis Jr. signs 14 year, 340M extension

    We will have to see the breakdown per year, but with the signing bonus, he's going to be making more up front. That is a major benefit as well.
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    Red Sox trade (P) Springs and Mazza to TB Rays for (C) Hernandez

    View: @redsoxstats Ronaldo Hernandez is a 40-man roster guy. Baseball America had him listed at the Rays catcher of the future. He crushed in the 2019 Arizona Fall League. He's only played as high as A+, but was impressive in...
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    2021 NFL: News and Transactions

    I congratulated him at Bears a week after he was drafted. Sad news. Never knew him, but heard only good things about him. He got two DUIs when he was in the pros, so things clearly changed for him. His family filed a missing persons case against him, and the cops visited him at the hotel a few...
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    Red Sox sign Marwin Gonzalez (1 year, 3 mil)

    Swing and a miss
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    2021: The Nation's Tears Are Still Here

    I don't think it was necessarily a preference thing. I think it's more that TB wants as many weapons as possible, and injuries are a concern. LF was a healthy scratch at least once, and during the season RJ definitely played more and better. It wasn't a conditioning thing since LF averaged 6.5...
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    Nolan Arenado traded to St. Louis

    I would say that Dodgers games sell out, and most people are in dodger gear.
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    Let’s talk about Pat Mcafee

    The response video is not nearly as funny, but I should probably post it. View:
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    Let’s talk about Pat Mcafee

    I don't listen to him very often, but he's hysterical and a great story teller. View:
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    2021 NFL: Stafford to Rams for Two 1st Rd. Picks, One 3rd Rd. Pick, and QB Goff

    Most of the threads on this forum start with something similar. I think it was an effort that started this year to make things more organized.