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    2022 PGA Tour

    I assume so though I do like picturing Ryan Palmer negotiating a deal directly with Mutual of Omaha.
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    2022 Offseason

    Sounds fit enough to dress for Vegas.
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    Just What is Apex Mountain: Rewatchables discussion thread

    I had legit never heard of Charlie Conerly until this back and forth.
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    Bruins Acquire Pavel Zacha

    Well he’s handsome. I’ll give him that.
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    2020-22 College Hockey thread

    Details here with former Bruin great Steve Shields as the whistleblower.
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    The Ringer

    I’m 34 and the only reason I know it is because of Celebrity Jeopardy. I do know Trading Places very well and assume that’s a function of what Comedy Central played more often growing up.
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    The Ringer

    I never knew this was up for debate. It’s why certain movies are “ones for him”. Generally your second definition holds. But not always. And it’s fine. This isn’t math with an objective answer.
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    The Ringer

    Why do they need a strict definition for what a Rewatchable is? Maverick broke a bunch of norms because it is an exceptional movie in several definitions of that word. It’s not like they’re going to do “Nope” next week. They made an exception for a movie that deserved one. “Fucked Up Family...
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    The Ringer

    Not really given Top Gun: Maverick is on pace to be the most commercially successful movie of all time.
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    July NHL News- Draft and Free Agency Frenzy

    If Brown gets a statue, what does Kopitar get?
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    Wrexham takeover--Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney

    It looks like a reprisal Sunderland Til I Die. No new ideas in Hollywood.
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    2022 PGA Tour

    I was selected...for 2 on Monday. Curious to hear from others if Monday practice rounds are worth it.
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    2022 Offseason

    A lot but they'd have to ship something out in a couple months to become cap compliant when those three are ready to come back.
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    Brady is back….back again

    So he should make up an answer off the cuff because relative wealth makes people uncomfortable? That’s probably the most truthful answer he can give. Either that or he says the same boring PR concocted platitude about being at the top of his game in his 40s.
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    NFL: News and transactions

    I was sitting on the opposite end zone at the game (humblebrag) and am always amazed he got there. Felt like he ran 50 yards to get there.