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    Last Man Standing -- Stadium Edition

      The stadium that closed at the end of 1973 and was basically replaced over the 1975-1976 seasons, while the Yankees played their home games in Queens.
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    Last Man Standing -- Stadium Edition

    Yankee Stadium I looks like Goose Gossage.
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    Help! Web-Based Time-Tracking

    The other one we looked at was Replicon, which is an even creepier name than PeopleSoft. (I also recall it being out of our nonprofit budget.)
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    Help! Web-Based Time-Tracking

    We also looked at Harvest, PeopleSoft (which was good but way out of our price range), and I think one other.  I'll try to find out what that last one was (or if I'm making it up).  It's been a good five months since we went through all the demos, so I don't remember that many specifics.  (Heck...
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    Help! Web-Based Time-Tracking

    Check out Beebole.  My organization is currently in the process of implementing it (goes live 7/1), so I haven't seen it beyond the pilot stage, but I think it does everything you're asking for.  And we've found they're pretty responsive with support requests and implementation advice...
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    Marlins just DFA'd Salty

    The flip side to Salty's offense is his shockingly bad defense.  Last year, his poor pitch framing cost the Marlins about 20 runs.  That's before you introduce other elements of catcher defense, where Salty has also been below average.  Salty was born a generation too late for his skill set. As...
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    2014-15 Championship- Go ahead and lump your other crappy leagues in here too I guess

    This is my first post in this thread, and it's a good thing too, because in retrospect I would have made an ass of myself with some spectacularly wrong predictions.  But even if I haven't been updating on Fulham as the season progressed, I'd like to post an end-of-season reflection.   To lay the...
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    "Wildest" Post-Season Games Ever?

    This was a regular-season game, but had the same impact of a playoff game -- the wildcard play-in game in 2007, with the Rockies coming back to take the lead, but the Padres tied it in the 8th.  The Padres then went ahead in the 13th, only for Hoffman to blow the save and then give up the...
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    We're Talking Baseball: 2014 Sabermetrics, Scouting, and the Science of Baseball - SOLD OUT AGAIN!!!

    He didn't give any context, but I understood it as relating to the two theories you propose. The new draft bonus rules also probably are in there as well.
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    We're Talking Baseball: 2014 Sabermetrics, Scouting, and the Science of Baseball - SOLD OUT AGAIN!!!

    I think the most interesting thing Ben said was about the new approach to building the team.  10 years ago, they could easily go out and get all the best talent, but now it's much more evenly distributed.  The new goal is to find ways to get the players they can get hit the high end of their...
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    Do you want Remy to be the teams announcer on opening day?

    I understand how and why the idea that we're all enablers makes us uncomfortable.  But Domestic Violence is so sadly pervasive and ingrained in American society that you are, even if you try hard not to be.   DV is a very important issue to me.  I used to work at a DV agency, and Rev's analogy...
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    Bill Simmons: Good Luck With Your Life.

      Yup, all the trappings of linkbait 101:  take something that nobody is really talking about and isn't trending anywhere, bury it 57 minutes into a podcast, don't reference it in the headline, don't mention Simmons by name in the text-based recap.  I'm sure he generated tens of hits by...
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    Say it ain't so, Jameis . . .

    Here's an alternate theory of selective memory loss:  being raped is pretty damn traumatic.
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    Say it ain't so, Jameis . . .

    There isn't a fine line.  The scenario you described is rape, period.
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    Drew v. 2.0

      The guy in the row behind me spent half an hour before the game started talking about how Drew was going to hit one to our section in right-center.  And then he and his buddy went down to get a beer and he missed it when it actually happened (give or take a section).   I think a big difference...