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    Packers: Rodgers’ Chances of Returning to GB in Jeopardy!

    Very funny, but unlikely true. It's a parody account.
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    NBA Top Shot

    It was listed in the terms for today's drop. Or it was for me, anyway. I messed with trying to buy the cheapest moments all day and kept having the transaction fail. I simultaneously think this is the stupidest thing ever and also that I can't get enough.
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    2020 Pats: Trade Rumors & Speculations

    Could the money work if they get a 3rd team (eg, Arizona and Larry Fitzgerald) involved?
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    Celtics Draft Jayson Tatum at #3

    He'd be shooting 59% (19/32) from 3 if he hadn't chucked up end-of-quarter bombs in each of the last 2 games. And 100% if all of his misses had gone in.
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    Brady signs 2 year extension

    Larry Fitzgerald could probably be had in a trade centered on Jimmy G.
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

      Somebody get this man a fall guy!
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    2015 MLB Draft Day thread.

      Super Nintendi
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    Pedro has a book deal

    Pedro signed my Mother's Day card in addition to the book. To the best, from the best. I love him so hard.   Also, Michael Silverman thought it was pretty funny when I asked why Shaughnessy passed on the assignment.
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    I haven't noticed this discussed anywhere, so this seems like the right place. Apparently the terms and conditions have been updated in a way that's very unfavorable to circumventers of blackouts and sharers of passwords. Specifically, they're terminating users who circumvent blackouts and...
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    Aaron Hernandez Trial (Odin Lloyd)

    I sat on a murder trial in Manhattan for 5 weeks a few years back. It was one of the most fascinating things I've ever been a part of.   The prosecutor's open wove a thread about the Wire and that on a pirate ship, the only witnesses to crimes are pirates. High theatric value, but it was a good...
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    Darren Sharper convicted in four states... and counting?

    Will there be civil cases to follow? I'm wondering if there's a possibility he'll still have some wealth when he gets out of jail. Surely the legal fees weren't cheap. Can his victims go after the rest of his money?