Kilgore A. Trout

<p>I saw my first game at Fenway when I was eight. I think I was eight at least. The White Sox were wearing those horrible striped shirts with word SOX in all caps on the chest, so yeah, around '83 or so. It sounds about right.<br>
I remember very little of that particular game. All the drinking in college I imagine. What I do remember. The Red Sox lost, although I fell asleep before the game was all the way over (damn you Fisk and your rain delay at bats). The seats were in the bleachers, right up against the large opening that separates the bleachers and the 'right field grandstand' glorified bleacher seats, somewhere between a third of the way to half the way up. I spent the whole game with my glove hanging out over the opening, convinced that someone was gonna hit the ball that far and I'd catch it. I think I actually fell asleep with my mitt still out there. How it didn't fall off my hand I have no idea.<br>
I've been to about 150 games since that one. And I still haven't had a ball so much as hint at coming into whatever section I'm in. And it kills me still, the amount of times I watch a game on TV the day after being there to see someone slice a foul right where I had been sitting the night before.</p>
Feb 11, 1975 (Age: 49)
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