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    iMessage troubleshooting

    Shot in the dark, but any chance your friend accidentally blocked you? On his phone, if he goes to Settings > Messages > Blocked Contacts he'll be able to see if that may be the issue.
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    Report: This is Don Orsillo's last season

      Oh I totally agree, didn't mean to insinuate otherwise.     Maybe to ask another way - has the response been greater than expected, and if so, does it put added pressure/risk on the folks who made this decision?  Or is the sense that this type of response was anticipated and they just need to...
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    Report: This is Don Orsillo's last season

    The Petition to Keep Don Orsillo is now over 18,000 supporters.  This article notes 2014 viewership was 114,000 per game and declining.   To a layperson, this seems a significant turnout.  For those who'd know better - Is there a different way to interpret this data?   What volume, if any...