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    72 Suburbs in Search of a City: Anthony Davis to Los Angeles Lakers

    The thing with Gasol is that the Lakers are not going to need him to play 30+ minutes in a playoff game; they are always going to be at their best with Davis at the 5. What they need is a guy who can soak up regular season minutes and bang bodies so that Davis doesn't have to wrestle with Steven...
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    Draft Retrospectives: What Have We Learned?

    Anyone can nail a Doncic take...nailing Shake Milton, that takes skill. Simmons path in the NBA has been so strange pretty much everyone is going to be wrong in some way.
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    Week 9 Game Thread

    Huge second goal from GLC.
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    Week 9 Game Thread

    LOL the hip goal.
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    Week 9 Game Thread

    Fun game. Spurs are sitting back which seems very risky against a team with City’s offensive talent. It does allow Tottenham to work the counter and Citeh’s backline is...questionable.
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    Week 9 Game Thread

    Son loves to score against Citeh. Strange Kane didn’t get the assist there.
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    NBA Free Agency Game Thread

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    2020 NFL: Wk.11 Game Thread

    Yeah, I expect there to be a lot of swapping out between Hill and Jameis and a ton of misdirection. Payton's obsession with Hill gets a lot of flak, but outside of Andy Reid I think Payton has established himself as the preeminent offensive mind in the game and has been doing it forever. He...
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    Bill Simmons: Valuing Trades More Than Friendships

    The Ringer doesn't have to exist really at all. When Simmons became a free agent, he could have easily saddled up with any number of legacy media companies, or up-and-coming media brands, and run his podcast, had all of his guests, and work on additional side projects like documentaries and...
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    2020 NBA Draft Game Thread

    You know what's a shitty draft take I've seen mentioned a bunch over the last few days? That Centers don't matter anymore and big men shouldn't be drafted that high. I'll use Jonathan Tjarks at The Ringer as an example, he basically argued that since Centers are so fungible and unimportant, it...
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    NBA Offseason

    I really like Oubre, very good defender who has made significant strides on offense each year he has been in the league, despite being in some pretty crappy situations for a young player with two loser franchises. I also really like the Wiseman pick, tons of potential. Should be put in a...
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    What’s rotten in Boston?

    Guys, he is leaving for more money! Perhaps the chance to have a bigger role on the team helps make his decision to leave easier, but he is going to end up making more money somewhere else; just like Al. Nothing to see here.
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    NBA Offseason

    I just don't understand what kind of trade makes sense for a player like Curry. The Warriors would need back a lot of picks and probably at least one very good young NBA player. If I'm New Orleans or Memphis, I'm not punting on Zion or Ja due to their age and cost control, so those kinds of...
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    C's pick Aaron Nesmith #14 overall

    An old beat writer told me that James Young was like, the laziest NBA player in history and the Celtics couldn't believe how little effort he put into improving.