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    Patriots Training Camp 2022

    Uhhhh…isn’t that fraud?
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    Minor league thread 2022

    I still get a cold shiver seeing “Lugo” listed in a Sox infield. I can’t be the only one.
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    Sox acquire Eric Hosmer

    Yep. Either way, the 1B position, one where you don’t really want to spend top dollar, is covered for the next three years for minimum wage. That cost certainty has value just like the options Bloom has now has value.
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    Red Sox Trade Deadline 2022

    That would be a great piece of information to keep quiet if you were planning on flipping Hosmer elsewhere.
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    The White Sox have traded catcher Reese McGuire &PTBNL (or $$) to the Red Sox for Jake Diekman

    I honestly don’t even care about the basket of meh that has returned this far. The last page of this thread has made it worth it. I understand that makes me a bad poster and I’m okay with that.
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    RIP Bill Russell

    Russell, Brady, Berra, and Richard are the Mt. Rushmore of winners. From the ESPN story: Over a 15-year period, beginning with his junior year at the University of San Francisco, Russell had the most remarkable career of any player in the history of team sports. At USF, he was a two time...
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    Trevor Story has a small hairline fracture near his wrist.

    Need clarification from our resident orthos here, but doesn’t swelling make it next to impossible to get an accurate image that shows hairline fractures?
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    Angels: Mike Trout is dealing with a rare back condition (costovertebral dysfunction at T5.”)

    Thank you for posting that video! Two things: 1. He’s #1 on the list of players I would have loved to see play for the Red Sox. 2. I stopped watching as soon as he showed up in a Reds uniform.
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    Angels: Mike Trout is dealing with a rare back condition (costovertebral dysfunction at T5.”)

    Without looking up numbers, Griffey and Mantle immediately come to mind. Edit: And now, after looking up career numbers, never mind…
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    Clickbait Trade Rumors Thread

    SoSH silly season: where sarcasm meters go to die
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    Jaylen Brown, Year 7

    Are you implying he’s nothing more than a watery tart distributing swords?
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    NFL: News and transactions

    If I were a Bengals fan, I would be furiously printing t-shirts that said “Cincinnati Albino Tigers” to sell.
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    The Rafael Devers Extension Thread

    It’s only irrelevant if the goal is “sign him as cheaply as possible but get it done no matter what.” I assume this isn’t the case though. That said, I wonder what the top numbers 1. were when that offer was made, and 2. what the top numbers are now in terms of both years and dollars. I think...
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    N’Keal is N’Gone

    I’m just now reading this thread and thought you should know that this made me shoot vanilla ice cream out my nose. Well done.