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    The Game Ball Thread: Wk.9 @ NYJ

    This should be a goat thread. Really hurt NE’s chances at a top five pick with this comeback.
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    Liverpool 2020-2021: Jurgen's Heroes

    LFC trainers looking at Andy Robertson like:
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    2020 NFL: Ongoing COVID-19 Impact

    If they were negligent that means there were not “probably generally aware.”
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    2020 Jets: For Whom the Bell Tanks

    *No substance alert* At this point, shouldn’t the thread title be: “For whom the Bell LOL’s?”
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    Happy 7th anniversary to David Ortiz’s game tying ALCS grand slam!

    I had two baby girls in the house at that point so I had to grab a pillow and smother myself like a mafia hit man at a hospital so I could properly scream. I think that level of adrenaline rush would kill me if it happened now.
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    The Pre-Game Thread: Wk.6 vs Denver

    UP NEXT ON WHEEEEEEEEL OFFFF JUSTICE! No way that gets adjudicated properly (Insert laugh track) by the weekend.
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    2020 Jets: For Whom the Bell Tanks

    You don’t suppose...
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    2020 NFL: Wk.3 Game Thread

    ATL throwing with a big lead again too.
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    9/27 Raiders at Patriots

    I think BB might need some quiet, alone time tomorrow watching the tape of this 2nd quarter run game.
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    College Football 2020 Week Four Game Thread

    Chuck Pagano’s eyebrow just raised a little.
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    College Football 2020 Week Four Game Thread

    I need Kyle Pitts to be a Patriot in the next year or two.
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    2021 Draft

    That’s right. Forgot that WAS is in striking distance as well.
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    2021 Draft

    If my math is right, BOS is precariously perched at the 3rd pick. If they lose both and TEX wins both then we tie them for the 2nd pick (not knowing how that is decided). If they win both and ARI loses both they tie us. The biggest danger is DET. If they lose both and BOS wins at least one...
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    2020 NFL: Wk.2 Game Thread

    Any streams at all? Did I see that reddit has shut theirs down?
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    Game week 2 game thread

    Surprised to see Fabinho paired with VVD today. Just got in. How has he looked and was any explanation given?