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    Jeff Teague: 1 year deal with the Celtics

    Is Jeff Teague using a burner account to defend and pump up Jeff Teague? View:
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    1/22 Sixers Redux

    Hope Pritchard is ok. I can’t live in a world without fastPP
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    1/22 Sixers Redux

    Marcus lol
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    Dope Divisional NFL Game Thread

    HENNEthing is possible!
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    1/1- Celtics @ Pistons

    JB! Wow, scoring at all 3 levels in the first 3 possessions
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    2020 kickoff, Beatdown the Bucks

    Teague, Tristan and Pritchard all seem like grinders. The team definitely got tougher this year.
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    11/29: Cardinals at Patriots

    That is some ridiculous bullshit
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    iPhone 12

    I keep going back and forth, I normally would no brainer just go graphite but the blue is really cool.
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    iPhone 12

    Can't decide whether to get the pacific blue or graphite color.
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    Week 5--Broncos @ Patriots (maybe)

    Uhhh BB? You awake?