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    James White announces his retirement

    He was quietly outstanding for the Pats, and agree he deserves a Patriots HoF jacket. It was not a good sign when he was on PUP to start training camp, given the nature of his injury, so the outcome is not entirely unexpected. Still a blow, however.
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    What's left this off season?

    this seems to be basically a rounding error in terms of the team's total payroll and should be treated as such. Keeping Davidson as a 2-way gives him a chance to develop and seems more important than worrying about the luxury tax implications of having one Matt Ryan on the roster.
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    Astros acquire Christian Vázquez for Enmanuel Valdez and Wilyer Abreu.

    Remember when Vazquez and Swihart were the Sox 2 best catching prospects in the minors?
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    Trevor Story has a small hairline fracture near his wrist.

    Story's slump at the beginning of the season was obviously horrific, but not out of line with bad months past Red Sox All Stars have endured at some point in their careers (e.g., Ortiz at the start of 2009; Bogaerts and Betts at different times in 2017). Let him get healthy and see what happens...
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    Would you trade Jaylen+ for Durant?

    And the default expectation is that Stevens/Ime will keep the details of such conversations private, and literally nobody in the Woj/Shams circle of current NBA insiders will know anything about these conversations (neither will "insiders" such as Jermaine Wiggins, lol).
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    Speier: How Well has Bloom Done Trading for Prospects?

    Given the team has stated multiple times that they are looking at a long term approach to a sustainable talent pipeline in the minors, I don't believe the deferred year of development is that big of a deal here, especially in a draft round that is very much scratching lottery tickets.
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    Speier: How Well has Bloom Done Trading for Prospects?

    I assume both Bloom and every other MLB team had much higher regard of Fabian than any of the players you just mentioned, all of whom are still unlikely to ever sniff a major league ballpark. Many players in those low rounds decide to take a chance on themselves. Even Hood, the guy who did get...
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    After Babe Ruth ... who?

    It was probably Luis Tiant for me. He was absolutely lights out down the stretch in 1978 (4-2, 3.14 ERA in September), as well as 1975 (3-1, 1.47 ERA) and 1972 (6-2, 1.35 ERA). His departure was inexcusable. And, of course, he pitched a gem in Fenway in 1979 for the Yanks. Another one that...
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    Speier: How Well has Bloom Done Trading for Prospects?

    Not sure Bloom "blew" the Fabian pick in the traditional sense of blowing NBA/NFL/NHL draft picks. MLB is unique in that the Red Sox got a free do over; the only drawback is that they had to wait another year to get their player. And the total slot money for all the picks is somewhat lower for...
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    Would you trade Jaylen+ for Durant?

    There is a huge difference between the following: a.) Arguing that the Nets may be able to get a better return by waiting, especially given that they do still own Durant's contractural rights for 4 years. b.) Arguing that the sanctity of contracts is paramount and therefore the Nets need to...
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    Would you trade Jaylen+ for Durant?

    We are less than a year removed from pundits and posters insisting that Morey had to trade Simmons by the start of the regular season, no matter the return. So I am not at all convinced that the Nets are operating under any specific deadline here. Sure, if a real compelling offer comes their...
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    Patriots Training Camp 2022

    Don’t think Godchaux is a bad player; he probably makes most NFL rosters in some capacity. But he definitely fits the “league average” label at his position, which would include plenty of below average games.
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    Offseason Rumors/News

    In the FWIW department, astrological gobbleygook such as retrograde planets is indeed a thing among so-called "elite" social circles in places like NYC, LA, etc. EDIT: And there is no way I would be entertaining a trade of Brown for Bam.
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    Offseason Rumors/News

    Too bad Jaylen missed the heyday of Darryl Martini (sp?), aka the Cosmic Muffin, when Mercury was in retrograde.
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    Masslive: Red Sox interested in 1B Dominic Smith from Mets

    Blaming Bloom for the Mets calling up the Red Sox about a 1B to occupy the ass end of the roster is kind of funny.