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    2022 Hall of Fame Class

    It's basically ten years of Major League service.
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    Flames at Bruins 11/21

    This is a shitastic game.
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    Bruins at Flyers 11/20

    LOL, holy balls Pasta.
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    Bruins at Flyers 11/20

    I have never seen that happen before. Did Bergeron hit the ref, so he never got his stick down, so Giroux putting his stick down was a violation?
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    Bruins at Flyers 11/20

    Fuck yeah, Craig!!!
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    Bruins at Flyers 11/20

    Forbert the snipe master.
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    Bruins at Flyers 11/20

    We do not need McAvoy fighting. Edit: At least he got the finishing blow in early. Wow.
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    Bruins at Flyers 11/20

    Really, really sneaky good defensive play by Reilly there after Grz tried to do too much in the offensive zone.
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    November NHL News

    I think it's time to move him up a league.
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    Garrett Whitlock

    Man, the videos from close behind him on those batting cage pitches are awesome. It blows my mind that human beings are able to hit the pitches these guys throw.
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    MLB unilaterally raising minor league minimum pay levels

    I agree, and really, it's a drop in the bucket for these teams, and they could probably lawyer it in as a tax write off, so it makes no sense to me that they don't do it already. It also seems like it would be a great move from a player development standpoint, as well. It is so much easier to...
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    New BA Top 10 Prospect List

    I think Downs is in the right spot. Obviously shouldn't be over the other guys right now, but it's not surprising that a 22 year old struggled in AAA, after having no AA experience and a completely lost year. I'm still really high on him and think he will be the best piece of that trade.
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    Red Sox Offseason discussion

    Not sure of a better place for it, but Chad Jennings had a really fun article in The Athletic this morning on Houck and Whitlock. Nothing hard hitting, but still a really fun read.
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    ERod to Tigers: 5 years/$77 million, opt out after Y2

    Good deal for Eduardo, too. We've talked about his numbers before, and how he pretty clearly outpitched his ERA, so if he goes and is lights out for two years, he opts out and is in line for a HUGE pay day. Otherwise, it's only like 3 generations of his family who are set for life...
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    Canadiens at Bruins 11/14

    Very well done.