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    OK, I am going to ask the question: Has BB lost his fastball?

    I would say they opposite. He told the opposing batter, " I'm coming with high heat every pitch and you can't touch it!" Everyone knew the pitch, they just couldn't do anything with it.
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    NFL: News and transactions

    I don't care if Watson ever makes another dime. Just saying that your statement that he's earned enough money to live the rest of his life on is possibly wrong. I hope Watson is charged with multiple counts of sexual assault and spends years in prison. But currently, not a single charge has...
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    NFL: News and transactions

    You seem unfamiliar with how much money professional athletes spend. While Watson has made millions, he has assuredly also spent millions as well. It's sad how many athletes are broke within a few years of retirement.
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    Hey, the Foxboro Revolutions are playing again!

    They have 3 goals at halftime, but easily could have 5-6. Their attack is so fast and really fun to watch.
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    Week 5: Friday Afternoon Footy

    Enjoyable game to watch as a neutral viewer. West Ham have been very dangerous on the counter attack.
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    Match Week Four

    Damn, Elliot was playing so well. You could see him holding his leg up with the able out to the side. Similar to the Dak Prescott injury last year. Sucks for him so bad.
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    Brad Stevens: President of Basketball Ops

    I love how has has turned over the bottom of the roster. He knew better than anyone that it sucked. Brad just might turn out to be a good team architect.
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    Cam Newton signs with Carolina

    Ok, I missed the conceivably part. I could see that over Hurts and Wentz. At least with Hurts you have projectability with him. With Cam, he's on the downside with alot of injuries. While he seems like a great guy, I'm so glad not to watch him throw the football this year
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    Cam Newton signs with Carolina

    I mean, if Burrows blows out his knee again I feel like he still may be able to throw a better ball than Cam. I'd take Wentz and Hurts easily over Cam, probably Dalton as well. And Tyrod Taylor isn't a starter, is he? Cam throws the ball into the turf every third throw. I think Radsox nailed...
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    Evander Kane accused of betting on hockey

    I feel much worse for the wife. According to her, Kane's on vacation in Europe with his ex. Meanwhile, the bank foreclosed on their house and she has no place to go. She doesn't have enough money to feed their child and is pregnant with their 2nd. It sounds like she's been trying to get...
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    Sexual assault lawsuit filed against QB DeShaun Watson

    I have no desire to place a bet on something such as this. Again, I personally don't believe that Watson should see the field this year. I just doubt the NFL will do the right thing. Does everyone else believe the NFL will do the right thing?
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    Sexual assault lawsuit filed against QB DeShaun Watson

    I'm just pessimistic that the NFL will do anything about it. I hope he never sees the field again, but the NFL has a horrid track record with this. Watson is a star in the league. They'll do everything they can to avoid do anything in this situation, which means he'll play. And if he plays, he's...
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    Sexual assault lawsuit filed against QB DeShaun Watson

    And as we all know, once someone is accused of sexual assault or domestic violence in the NFL, the league tosses them out on their ass and they are banned for life. narrator: They don't. You statement is incorrect as well. 20+ women have accused Watson of sexual assault, but the DA/ police...
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    N'Keal Harry Requests a Trade

    I'd like to make a formal request to Harry's agent that the player from college please show up.
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    Euro 2020 day 2 game thread: Waiting for Lukaku

    That shot of his wife is brutal. Really hope he makes it.