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    2019-20 Offseason Discussion

    My favorite Pedro stat: In 2000, he had an ERA of 1.74. Best in the AL. Second best in the AL: Clemens at 3.70. After that: Mussina and Sirotka at 3.79. He won the ERA title by damn near 2 runs/game. (FWIW, Kevin Brown led the NL (in Dodger stadium) at 2.58, followed by Unit at 2.64)...
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    Red Sox have uploaded a FOUR HOUR LOOP of Ortiz’s 2013 grandslam

    Joe Buck is excellent when there is something exciting happening on the field. It's the other 95% of the time - when he falls back on cliches and forced storylines - that he sucks.
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    I remember Nixon well, and by my recollection his issue wasn't so much streakiness as health and a huge platoon split. He couldn't hit lefties *at all*, but Jimy felt the need to try to turn him into an everyday player. Trot's far-and-away best year was 2003, the only year he was both healthy...
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    ALCS 2018 - Houston Astros

    Not to be too blunt, but do you guys realize how entitled you sound? I am in Lijiang, Yunnan, China, and I've been watching illegal streams from Eastern Europe fed through an illegal Chinese VPN. The odds of my laptop functioning completely correctly ever again are pretty slim. But more...
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    This is the best Red Sox team...ever.

    Honest question: might we someday be able to say that about the 2018 team as well? Sale and Kimbrel are in their primes, and both seem to have legitimate HOF chances. Mookie is just entering his prime, and is trending in the right direction. Price is exiting his prime, but with some longevity...
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    Rebirth of a Sale, man

    I agree wholeheartedly. But he didn't, and that makes me think the voters will screw over Sale if he comes in under 162 innings, too.
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    Rebirth of a Sale, man

    Relievers have won it, so of course not. But more practically, it seems very unlikely a starter could win it without meeting the qualifying innings threshold.
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    September call-ups

    Plympton, In a typical year, I would agree with you. But what others are saying (without presenting the data, unfortunately) is that there really won't be enough intimidating left-handed hitters in the AL playoffs to make it worth carrying a LOOGY. Pure left-handed hitters on the 5 likely AL...
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    Potential Trade Deadline Targets

    Waiving team puts player on waivers. All other teams have 72 hours to place a claim. At the end of the 72 hour waiver period, the claim is awarded to the claiming team with the highest waiver priority. If no team places a claim, then the player is considered to have "cleared" waivers. If the...
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    Price is right

    Mookie and JBJ are both still underpaid. I really hope that Mookie signs a ridiculously long contract with Boston, and that Sox fans are understanding when he has a down year or two. But honestly, I don't have my hopes up. We'll see. If people (Price included) weren't feeding trolls like...
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    Price is right

    I think the key distinction here is liking the guy as a player and liking the guy as a person. Beckett, Schilling, and Papelbon were all awesome on the field while they were here, no question whatsoever. But Beckett and Papelbon were pretty much arrogant d-bags off the field (I would argue...
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    Trey Ball: Finally Some Reason for Optimism?

    The number reported is the median value, not mean, so a single outlier will barely have any effect on the result at all.
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    Bullpen 2017

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    Pedroia taking leave of absence

    I'm just hoping it's not a "my brother got caught molesting another kid" thing.
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    Stupid Things I Can't Figure Out

    When someone on my "ignored user" list starts a thread, the whole thread disappears from my visibility (rather than just the initial post, as was the case on the old board). Is there a way to adjust the ignore list settings to ignore just posts instead of threads? Or do I have to take the...