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    Fun web site I just found.

    I was too, dead center field in the bleachers. That was a hot evening as I remember. Fun night to be at the ballpark.
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    How did you discover SoSH?

    For me, that started it and then the A-Rod saga later that winter made SoSH essential reading. I did not become a member until many years after that, though.
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    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    I just want to echo your point about Jones and Arcand. I find Jones’s trolling so grating but there is something really easy and sincere about the chemistry between those two. Arcand’s contrasting style also clarifies how deep the Jones troll job is. They’re not a bad listen while doing the...
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    Julian Edelman Released & Retires

    Gil called the 2012 season including the loss to the Ravens in the AFCCG. McCourty, Bolden and Hightower were on that team. I may be missing others: The last game Santos commentated was in January 2013, the Patriots' AFC Championship Game loss to...
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    BC Hoops 2020-21

    This comment is the only thing about the Christian Era that has brought a smile to my face in many years. Hallelujah.
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    BEAT L.A. (The Gamethread)

    I disagree, a throw from Taylor or Muncy getting away was likely to go behind the catcher as it did. Jansen lollygagged it when any normal backup may have given them a small chance to survive. Probably doesn’t change anything but that was a failure to mah the right fundamental play by Jansen...
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    BEAT L.A. (The Gamethread)

    Why was Jansen up the 3rd base line? Shouldn’t he have been backing up the plate? Probably doesn’t matter but maybe he stops that mishandle from getting that far away.
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    The enemy of the Lakers is my friend. The NBA finals thread.

    I wish Al was still recruiting kids like him to exceed expectations on the Heights. Love JD.
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    "We're going to Disney World!" NBA to resume season July 31 at WDW

    The middle 3 in that list. I just threw up in my mouth. Doc’s clippers failures are just historically bad.
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    The Ringer

    Aerosmith may have been the #1 priority of the summer but I’ll take just about any rock and roll year leading up to it ahead of 76. Nevertheless, Dazed and Confused is a gem of a movie and has a killer soundtrack.
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    Bill Simmons: Valuing Trades More Than Friendships

    Joe House could rack up 100 appearances on the BS podcast where he said nothing and I’d still tune in the next time hoping he had as good an appearance as he did last year on there around Christmas after his work party. That’s the hardest I’ve laughed at a podcast ever. House brings great...
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    Gasper leaving the Globe

    I could see Gasper contributing sports angled stories on Chronicle too.
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    Who are you?

    So TJ McConnell is selling myself short then?
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    Kobe Killed in Helicopter Crash

    He better not be seated at the right hand of the father.