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    Who will yell at refs with passion? Cs Coaching Search

    Clippers assistant Chauncey Billups, in addition to Jason Kidd and Lloyd Pierce (via @ChrisBHaynes ), expected to as a candidate for Celtics HC, sources tell @YahooSports . Billups has connections with players on Celtics roster, will be hot candidate this offseason
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    Pats QB Options

    Evan Lazar is advocating for Mariota as a reclaimation project - View:
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    Thank You, Hondo

    No player embodied the team above all mantra of the Celtics more than Hondo. RIP John
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    2018 NBA Finals

    Sad, isn't it? Time to go to bed.
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    NBA playoffs 2018

    Iguodala being out means they still have two MVP caliber players, and two other all-stars (one a DPOY and the other one of the greatest shooters in history). They'll be fine even if they lose Iguodala for the rest of the postseason. They were already a juggernaut before they added Kevin...
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    The Goat Thread: SBLII vs Eagles

    McCourty really came up small - between leaving Flowers to dry on the Clement TD and tripping up on his own feet for the game winning TD to Ertz. Huge misplays from one of the actual few good defenders on this D.
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    The Goat Thread: SBLII vs Eagles

    What's more troubling to me on the Clement TD is - what was McCourty trying to do there? He seems to be running in line with Clement, and never makes a play on the ball. He doesn't seem to be aware that the ball is even coming until it's dropped in Clement's bread basket.
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    Celebrating what is

    Yup, agreed
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    Hayward's Injury

    Gordon looking good shooting set shots tonight at Staples a couple hours before the game against the Clips.
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    NBA Grants Celtics $8.4 Million Disabled Player Exception

    Whoops, my bad. I thought that it would qualify given the 2nd year has a team option
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    NBA Grants Celtics $8.4 Million Disabled Player Exception

    Nikola Mirotic becomes available in another week and is having a nice season off the bench for Chicago - 18 pts and 7 boards in 25 mins, including 46% from 3 pt range. Though losing him hurts Chicago and potentially the Lakers pick. Then again, they are likely dealing him one way or another...
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    The terribly mediocre Lakers

    Lakers drop their 9th in row, now just 1 game ahead of Atlanta for NBA's worst record. The Hawks are next on the schedule (Sunday)
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    2017-18 NBA Regular Season Game/Observation Thread

    The Splash Brothers go for 29 and 28 (10 of 19 from 3) and Draymond Green with the triple double on the road against the Rockets (albeit absent Harden). Fun to see the actual organic team (i.e. minus KD).
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    Hayward's Injury

    Thanks for sharing the Haberstroh piece. Some very interesting nuggets around VR. “Virtual reality has already hit the NBA. Last season, StriVR worked with athletes such as Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond and Washington Wizards center Ian Mahinmi to improve free-throw shooting simply...
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    Aaron Hernandez charged with 1st degree murder; released by Patriots

    I found this little tidbit from the affidavit to be quite odd "Investigators observed Aaron Hernandez lying on the floor of the interview room while awaiting the arrival of his attorney"   Maybe he was having his moment of truth.  In any case, it is just astounding what a friggin moron this guy is