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    Major League Soccer Offseason 2019-20: Zlexit

    Can someone please write the tweet so I can read? thx
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    2019-20 Offseason Discussion

    Really worried about losing jbj now too. It'd make some sense as we were lefty heavy and just resigned tendi, but man I could watch jbj highlights all winter long.
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    Jose Melendez's KEYS TO GAME 7

    Jose! Cheers, and go Nats, and go Baby Melendez.
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    Major League Soccer 2019: Your Humble Local League (and a little USOC too)

    Was at Union/NYRB yesterday and I have no voice today. I was hoping all week that it would rain because I thought that would bring out the die hards, and while attendance could have been higher in the seats, the atmosphere was rocking. Andre Blake has been maybe the cornerstone of the...
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    Poor New England! So Far From Boston, So Close to the Kraft Family: The Revolution 2019

    touche. It's good to have them finally fielding a team this year.
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    Poor New England! So Far From Boston, So Close to the Kraft Family: The Revolution 2019

    As a Union fan, this sort of analysis drives me up the wall. There's a soccer team in Philadelphia. And if the final game of the season, featuring the first and second place teams in the East, doesn't have meaning towards who gets the bye, it certainly will have meaning as to who gets the 2...
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    David Ortiz on the mend: shooting and recovery

    No, you're right, I think all the random, almost entirely made up by people who are by no means experts in detective work, speculation is great for this thread and great for Papi. Please, carry on. Back in real life, Im glad to see that he's stable. Lucky, blessed, whatever anyone wants to...
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    College Basketball Coaching Carousel

    Nathan Knight declares for the draft at WM. Him, and a lot of the guys in the transfer portal, could all come back, but as of right now, the Tribe has 3.6 ppg returning from last years team. That is not a typo. And quite frankly, no promise that the two guys who make that up are staying.
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    College Basketball Coaching Carousel

    Billy Lange is done and done at SJU. Of more importance to some on this board, Billy Coen certainly appears to be gone from NU, likely by choice. Multiple upperclassman transfers, kids who were or would have been starting on the preseason #1 team. The CAA this offseason... wow.
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    College Basketball Coaching Carousel

    I love the disucssion, on both sides, of the Shaver issue. I'm a CAA guy (Drexel) and have my ear to the ground pretty well in the Association. I think that there can be an argument for moving on from Tony Shaver, if there is a truck load of money and a new philosophy behind it. However, I...
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    MLS Offseason 2018-19: #SavedTheCrew

    As a Philly fan I'm fine with this at face value. Actually I love being the first team to this party. But it also reminds me that our ownership is so cheap that this 150k is worth more to our GN then it would be to others.
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    MLS Offseason 2018-19: #SavedTheCrew

    Agree on all of this, apparently he was a favorite of the Curtain despite all that. As I understand, he is entering the last year of his deal and didn't intend on re-signing. Union grabbed at least 300k (as much as 400k) which is an amount that matters when ownership wont spend a dime, in...
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    Hall of Fame Ballot: 2019 Induction

    Here we go: Roy Halladay Andruw Jones Mariano Rivera Curt Schilling Larry Walker Could really be talked into Vizquel as one of the great defenders of all time. It's the HOF, not the Silver Slugger Of Fame. Hence Andruw who may have had a glove as good as Vizquel, but hit better.
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    MLS 2018: More Barco Than Bite

    And the first half suckkkkkked
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    Have you ever seen an MLB no-hitter in person? (If not, how close have you come?)

    Kevin Millwood. A great memory of an above average pitcher.