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    Scottish Fitba 2022-23: Ain't That Always the Way

    Huns tomorrow (CBS Sports) and Real Madrid mid-week. This is the best Celtic team I have seen since the MON days so should be fun. Celtic Park will be shaking. In Ange we trust.
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    Howe Soon Is Now? - Scottish Fitbaw 21/22

    Losing to Hearts to start the league campaign tonight sure didn't help the cause. League and Europe likely over and we are still in July. Incredible mismanagement by the Board. Can we bring Fergus back? I have seen a few "Board Out" protests being organized. I assume that will be the only...
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    The Eurocup QF Thread: Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen, Vaarwel, Adeus, and...Goodbye to Croatia

    Italy has been fantastic to watch most of the tournament and are the most likely team to beat England, so I am on board. Wish they weren't celebrating with the crowd considering COVID and all.....
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    Howe Soon Is Now? - Scottish Fitbaw 21/22

    A nightmare end to a nightmare season. Celtic is just a clown show right now. The new manager will have a complete rebuild on his hands. I was excited for Howe and thought he would bring a more progressive approach to the club. The entire Board should step-down. Celtic got fat and lazy with...
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    Scottish Fitba 2020-21: What's the Point?

    Looks like Eddie Howe is in advanced talks to become the new Celtic manager. I'm more that happy with that move. I was having Roy Keane nightmares.
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    It's the international break. Game thread.

    Ireland just lost to home
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    2020-22 College Hockey thread

    BC 4 BU 3 in OT Helleson goes end to end and taps it in for the win with a second left in OT. Reminded me of Brian Leetch. Tomorrow at the wrong end of Comm Ave. BU is much better than their ranking.
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    Global Football Odds & Ends

    I will be interested to see how people view Rooney's legacy in English football. If talked about elsewhere apologies, but has anyone seen The Three Kings (Busby, Shankly, Stein)? The Trailer is fantastic.
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    World Juniors

    Great game and great tournament. Kids played their hearts out. One of my favorite sporting events every year. Beating Canada will never ever get old.
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    World Juniors

    Thought Boldy was the best player on the ice that period. BC with Boldy, Newhook, Helleson and Knight the rest of the way?
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    World Juniors

    Some final four
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    College Football Bowl Game Thread

    Anthony Brown (BC transfer) in at QB for Oregon. Always had a soft spot for him tho not sure the numbers back up my support.
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    BC Hoops 2020-21

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    Scottish Fitba 2020-21: What's the Point?

    So much wrong with Celtic right now and they were horrible again today but a quadruple treble is fairly ridiculous. Beating Hearts never gets old.
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    Scottish Fitba 2020-21: What's the Point?

    Next Celtic manager? Season about lost already.