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    5/15 - Hall Aboard the Playoff Train

    LFG! Dysfunctional D.C. starts now. No penalties, win the power play, and F*ck T. Wilson.
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    Starting Rotation '21

    Lester had those extra 2 good years, as you note. He had a history of pitching more and more per start. He had a dominant playoff run on his resume. And the 3 year comp you use based on age includes Lester’s second worst season, an outlier that undersells his consistency, which was a far...
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    5/12 The Sox, No Longer Confused, Crush A's

    No shit. Is that COVID or cold? It’s 60 degrees, ffs...
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    5/12 The Sox, No Longer Confused, Crush A's

    Hell I still get nervous. That’s what makes it fun. But it’s no longer an existential crisis since ‘04...
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    5/12 The Sox, No Longer Confused, Crush A's

    That throw was freakin perfect.
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    Bullpen '21

    Agree. This would be a fun poll question to look back on. Will Duran accumulate more or less than 10 WAR in his career? If he were even a year younger, I’d optimistically bet the over. But I share the concern that he might never figure out CF, and that his power might dissipate at the MLB...
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    5/11 Nate at home vs. A's

    Feels like Oak should have this game in the bag, but we’re hanging around at least. BTW, where is everyone? Pretty slim game thread for a first place team!
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    Knight Xander Bogaerts of the Order of Orange-Nassau

    You shut up! But since you brought it up... I’m of the mind that the Sox should be proactive here (after the season). Ask him to wear the C. Offer to add 2 years and $60M to his deal in lieu of the opt-out. Thoughts? I think he can opt out and get a lot more. The trick is to offer him...
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    5/9 Nick Vs. Orioles (1:05 Start)

    Can we draft Rocker and bring him straight to the big club to pitch in the 8th every game?
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    5/8 Garrett Vs. Orioles

    I’m trying to figure out what I’ve done to warrant having to watch Brice implode like this...
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    5/8 Garrett Vs. Orioles

    For a “terrible“ defensive SS, X has helped turn two pretty nice DPs tonight.
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    Angels to release Albert Pujols

    Hey, no credit there unless it’s absolutely necessary. Mr. Monroe only hit 40 HRs once.
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    The Fab Five Strikes Back: Michigan BBall 2021-22

    Is the deadline to declare May 30? Any further word on Dickinson? Howard would certainly take on a transfer big if Dickinson declared. As for Wagner, his BB IQ seems pretty high, and he has a really well-rounded skill set to build on. What does he do poorly? He has good length for a wing...
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    Richards(4.94 ERA) v. Foltynewicz(4.61 ERA) @2:35

    Hard to watch f’n Ottavino. Throw strikes for Christ’s sake.
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    Pats QB Options

    Yeah, you usually have to focus on your own plan regardless of what others are doing, but if GB really trades Rodgers, then that has to impact MN’s decision making re the next 2 years. I think that confirms that they ride with Cousins and build up around him. Hell, they probably spend extra to...