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    Bosmania? The 2022 Winter Transfer Window Thread

    As others have noted, Traore is exceptional at dribbling and doing so at high speed. He is strong and fast and defenders bounce off of him. He draws 2-3 defenders routinely and draws a lot of rough fouls (unfortunately, not in the box). He is one of my favorite Wolves players to watch because...
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    So, who do you think the Red Sox will sign?

    Voted for Taylor because of his positional versatility (and maybe not as overvalued as some other names?). Alternates would be Schwarber and Rodon. But won't be surprised if it's no one over $10M AAV.
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    ERod to Tigers: 5 years/$77 million, opt out after Y2

    Good for Eddie to get this nice, but not insane, contract. I think the Tigers will get good value from this deal. Eddie seems built to be successful thru his early 30's (contract takes him thru age 33). He's already made the switch from relying solely on velocity to being a control guy with...
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    Alex Cora-- what do we have here? Perhaps the best manager in baseball.

    Nice piece by Bob Hohler in today's Globe. Not groundbreaking, but some good content and quotes about AC's college and early pro career. Interesting quotes from Davey Johnson about sign stealing (unsurprising spoiler: he does not think its a crime) including during 1986 Worlde Series. Reading...
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    James White Out for the Season

    Also, not all joints are the same. A normal hip joint is inherently a lot more stable than shoulder, with a much deeper socket and more stabilizing muscles and capsule. So a hip dislocation/subluxation generally is a more traumatic injury (ie, takes more energy to create and can cause more...
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    9/12/21 Squish the Fish

    Listened to second half on the radio. They wrapped up by saying that pats DL got pushed around. Zolak was giddy about Mac. I know Zolak comes off as a meathead, but he probably knows something about QB play.
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    Cam Newton signs with Carolina

    Wow is right. I admit that I was swayed by Ben Volin's article in the Globe today that starting the season with Cam as the starter was the overall right move. I should have known better...
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    Houck up

    This (and the post by greek_gawd) makes most sense to me, too. Houck is not stretched out for more than 4-5 innings as noted above, so if he does get added as a 6th starter, you have just increased the number of bullpen innings needed every week. Bullpen usage has already been about as high as...
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    Quick Poll: Extra Time or Straight to PKs?

    I voted for the Golden Goal option -- thinking this might provide more attacking incentive during the overtime period. But as others point out, it may have the opposite effect.
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    Bruins to retire Willie O’Ree’s #22 on February 28th

    My knowledge of Bruins history begins with 1970, so I was unfamiliar with his story. There is a nice documentary now on Amazon about his career and the build up to his hockey hall of fame induction. He was a real pioneer and comes across as a nice guy who has made the world a better place. Kudos...
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    2021 Baseball America Red Sox Top 10 Prospects

    Alex Speier gives a brief synopsis of the BA top 10 (which he claims authorship of). The offensive potential of Casas at 1B is just one reason that a move by Devers from 3B to 1B seems highly unlikely. "Baseball America’s list of the top 10 Red Sox prospects (which I’ve been in charge of...
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    2021 Baseball America Red Sox Top 10 Prospects

    No surprises. Very similar to Sox Prospects list except that BA list includes Yorke but not Noah Song in top 10. 1. Casas 2. Downs 3. Mata 4. Duran 5. Noah Song 6. Dalbec 7. Jiminez 8. Groome 9. Ward 10. Houck . 13. Yorke