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    2020 Masters Week--College GameDay live from Augusta

    The fairways and tee boxes are re-seeded with rye for the winter after the bermuda grass is scalped. The greens are bentgrass all year round.
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    2020 Boston College Football.Give it Haf a Chance

    One more chance to avenge the treason of Frank Leahy. The upsets through the years have been sweet. But the best revenge served cold was Joe Yukica sabotaging George O'Leary's brief ND coaching stint. The old man was class of '30, and this is the first year there isn't a season ticket holder...
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    2020 Masters Week--College GameDay live from Augusta

    Humidity has dropped substantially overnight. I'd expect the greens to firm somewhat as the day goes on.
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    2020 Masters Week--College GameDay live from Augusta

    Don't think I've ever seen Rae's creek moving like that in springtime.
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    Greatest not famous athlete you ever saw

    When I was a kid attending BC hockey games, BU's Herb Wakabayashi regularly lit up BC. He was too small for the NHL, but he had all the tools. I know he's in BU's HoF. He went on to coach a couple of Japanese Olympic hockey teams in the 70s and was very active in hockey development for Japan.
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    Beer Leagues, Gear, and other Non-Pro Related Items

    The old timers in Vancouver have started up again. My brother, now 80, thinks they're nuts to play. He's sitting it out.
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    Spotify Alternatives

    You guys know the Rogan/Alex Jones episode is available on Youtube also, right?
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    Most exciting plays in Red Sox history (for the Casual Fan)

    Harry Hooper's bare-hand catch in game 8 of the 1912 W.S. This fellow has an account as told to him by his grandfather. My father told me how his father was always talking about it, leading me to believe my grandfather may have seen it too. It was still talked about many decades after it...
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    2020 NLCS: Braves vs. Dodgers

    The last shortened season was 1994 without a postseason. The Braves got screwed that year as they were legit contenders. This is a good spot for a Karma Make Up Call.
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    Joe Morgan passes away at 77

    R.I.P. Helluva player. He was in every pitchers head when he stood on first base.
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    Ian Rapoport suspended two weeks for posting Manscape ad on social channels

    Scrotum's Razor says the shortest shave is always the best one.
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    Wifi and plaster walls

    I have an AT&T 50mb fiber connection. The wifi has never been great in this house, and recently got considerably worse with my devices frequently disconnecting and reconnecting. Some googling found lots of AT&T customers with this problem. Consensus seemed to be that the wifi radios in the...
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    Bob Gibson passes at 84

    RIP So dominant that day I saw him in Fenway for Game 1. One of the very, very best.
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    Beer Leagues, Gear, and other Non-Pro Related Items

    Report from my 80 year old brother. "This is the oldest guy in one of my hockey groups. If he is optimistic about playing again,I guess I should be." Charles Schultz, Richard Nixon and Canada's oldest active hockey player (Vancouver Sun)