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    Starting Rotation '21

    Saw this note on Sale in the AP write-up for last nights game: Baby steps...
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    Mock away, you can mock away

    That's funny because Phil has been loudly banging the drum for weeks now on the Pats needing to trade up for a Top 5 QB (and good-naturedly fighting with Curran about it). Seems like he's forcing himself to pick like he THINKS the Pats will choose over his own strong preference on that one...
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    4/18- 1:05 PM ET vs. GAME ONE - CHICAGO WHITE SOX: Let's Play Two

    Gah. 3 fastballs that everyone knew were coming
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    4/13- 2:10 PM ET @ MIN: Neither snow nor rain...

    Did not sound like that was going out!
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    Matt Barnes Tested Positive For Covid-19

    Cardinals Reach COVID threshold Apparently the Cardinals vaccinated >85% of staff and players (many with J&J this week) and will have relaxed COVID restrictions as a reward. The article only mentions two other teams (Houston and SF) as having vaccinated almost any players so seems like St L is...
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    04/01/21 - Game 1 of the 2021 Season...

    I was really hoping that was an April Fool's tweet...balls
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    Matt Barnes Tested Positive For Covid-19

    It sounds like the “extra scrutiny contacts” may only have to isolate for 5 days which is big. The other 4 for 7 days but since they usually go back 2 days prior to the positive test with regard to designating someone as a contact that could be shorter than expected too.
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    Matt Barnes Tested Positive For Covid-19

    Hoping and praying he's OK, and also that this doesn't kick off a run of positive players to jack up the start of the season... I can't wait until they can start vaccinating the athletes on the Sox/Pats (insert other favorite teams here) so that in addition to reducing the risks to everybody's...
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    Super Bowl LV: Game Thread – Kansas City Chiefs @ Tompa Bay Bucs

    I ended up on my back on the floor of the living room yelling, kicking, and pumping my fists like a madman (a scene which my kids still enjoy re-enacting to this day)
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    1/3- and we're on to spring

    Wow! Sony with a catch AND another gear!