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    Tom Wilson

    This is a dangerous, awful decision. All the rhetoric rings more hollow than my liver cavity in the moments between my transplant. They don't care about head shots. That's the ONLY message to take here.
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    4/18 - "Hall" Aboard!

    Yep, problem is...this behavior will be rewarded come playoff time.
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    2021 Trade Deadline

    CONFIRMED TRADE: #NHLBruins receive Taylor Hall and Curtis Lazar #LetsGoBuffalo receives Anders Bjork and a 2nd round pick As per @DarrenDreger View:
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    2021 Trade Deadline

    Friedman - Taylor Hall to Bruins View:
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    4/10 - Bruins @ Flyers

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    2021 Trade Deadline

    I have been thinking about Ritchie in terms of what they think of him. Is this the kind of guy you sell high on right now? I'd be curious of what they think long-term with him.
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    3/18 The Bruins vs. the "NHL" team of Buffalo

    Yikes. If you’re gonna give up a soft goal, I guess it’s best that it be against a AAAA NHL team?
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    MLB to Test Larger Bases, Defensive Positioning Restrictions in Minors in 2021

    I agree with this. This was my initial reaction and so I was trying to figure out what the goal here is....I came away with images of Clay Buchholtz throwing to first with a Molina on first. This made me think, by essentially eliminating the throw over to first from being effective it might get...
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    Sox Owners, Partners Plan Major Development Around Fenway Park

    You can certainly build a new ballpark, but I don't care how fancy and hip the new park is. If it's in a horrible location and/or the team one will show up. I have never understood this. Generally speaking: If you win, you get attendance numbers. If you don't. The...
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    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    I'm a man, I'm 40 (thank you Mike Gundy circa 2007) so my memory isn't as good as it used to be. However, it was around that time I tried to stick it out, but I distinctly remember Fleger saying in real time and at the time that the ratings went WAY up when they focused on it. I remember it...
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    Bruins Offseason Roster Thread

    If I were in management and I gave out a NMC I would give out the NMC with the understanding that every single year I would ask the player for a list as a formality. That way they don't find it out of the ordinary when asked and so you're ready to go if blown away with an offer. But, I could see...
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    Bruins Offseason Roster Thread

    I'd rather give Winnipeg a shot and aim for a Laine/DeBrusk (and more) swap. I'm sure that wouldn't work, but Hall doesn't interest me. I doubt he does a 1-year deal, but if he did that to get a make good contract....maybe....Bobby Ryan on a 1-year?
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    Bruins vs. Tampa Bay - Game 4

    that is 1. hope?
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    Bruins vs. Tampa Bay - Game 4

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    Bruins vs. Tampa Bay - Game 4

    LOL - that was sad, but predictable