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    Jomboy Media

    I felt badly for these guys when COVID hit, as it seemed like they were just about to hit their stride and then suddenly the floor dropped out. The fact that they are still flourishing is a testament to their hard work and quality content.
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    2021 Pats: Looking Ahead – Roster Planning

    Hopefully just a little clickbait from RapSheet, but his report on Edelman doesn't sound like his return is at all a sure thing. View:
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    Twitter Super Follow$

    This seems unlikely to work out. Twitter generally seems like a means of promoting paid-for content on other platforms. Examples abound of creators who use Twitter to get attention and then drive people to their podcast, YT channel, Substack, private Discord, private blog, OnlyFans, etc...
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    Tiger Woods Car Accident - Ongoing News and Commentary

    You nailed it. I'm impressed. Injuries are to lower legs, compound fracture of tibia and fibula in one leg, vascular injuries are a concern. View: View:
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    Tiger Woods Car Accident - Ongoing News and Commentary

    Shattered ankle and two leg fractures, one compound. Everything from his back to his age are working against him as far as a comeback goes. View:
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    Spring Training 2021

    I'm really surprised how much stock Cora claims to be putting into ST performance. As anyone who's followed ST knows, there are a lot of bad/young pitchers and a lot of pitchers "working on stuff" in these games. Quique is going to have at best a handful of ABs against major league pitchers...
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    MLB Offseason 2020 News & Notes

    Just in case you thought the Rosenthal signing suggested the A's aren't an embarrassment: they spread his $11m of payments over 3 years: $3m, $3m, $5m. View: View:
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    2021 NFL: QB Carousel

    Yeah -- there could be a lot of shenanigans if things are going badly for the Colts at the halfway mark of the season.
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    Fernando Tatis Jr. signs 14 year, 340M extension

    Their park is really great. If the team is halfway decent, I think people will start going to games.
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    Following Former Red Sox 2021 Edition

    Matt Olson is a very good young 1b and I'm sure they could've found a cheaper backup. Maybe they wanted someone who could hit a little to add to their DH mix and were willing to pay $2.5m in case they trade Olson during the year. Still strikes me as odd.
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    Super Bowl LV: Game Thread – Kansas City Chiefs @ Tompa Bay Bucs

    Turning Point is here. The NFL Films Presents is also up. Super slo-mo makes the KC drops look even worse than they did watching the night of the game. That said, this is a real whitewash. No replays of the controversial calls, no mention of AB running the wrong pattern on the TD, no replay of...
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    MLB Offseason 2020 News & Notes

    Have any of Boras's clients gotten screwed by his tactics since Stephen Drew? I can't think of one. It feels like JBJ may be shaping up to be the next.
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    2021 NFL: News and Transactions
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    Benintendi to Royals for Franchy Cordero, Mets RHP prospect Josh Winckowski, and 3 PTBNLs

    From PeteAbe: View:
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    Benintendi to Royals for Franchy Cordero, Mets RHP prospect Josh Winckowski, and 3 PTBNLs

    He left out the 4th lottery ticket (the A-ball pitcher Wackowski)