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    9/13 Pats vs Dolphins

    Much like UFC, I'm enjoying hearing more of the players/coaches interactions. Love that EASY MONEY yelling after the INT
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    9/13 Pats vs Dolphins

    Edelmen staying true to the claim of only catching throws from Tom
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    9/13 Pats vs Dolphins

    Between the lack of crowd and lack of Tom Brady this is the weirdest season opener I've ever seen. This is actual football and not just a practice session?
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    Most Hated Patriots & Opponent Player

    Absolutely Eli Manning. Pats never should have lost those SuperBowls and he certainly didn't deserve to come out lauded for the victories. For the Pats...I was going to say Adalius Thomas, but seeing as many people have already said him I'll go with Laurence Maroney. He was so frustrating to...
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    The Game Ball Thread: Week 8 at Buffalo

    Thats super cool...also impressed with Clayborn on that as well
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    Week 2 NFL Game Thread

    Dallas vs Philly is garbage to watch
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

      Reports coming out of a burning leather smell coming from NFL offices
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    2014 BB PC Thread: Turn and look for the ball

    Post game PC starts off well with Bill wrestling the mic before saying "stupid thing" and giving up.
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    Defensive Play of the Week: Deceptive Defense

    Great great article. Football is so much more enjoyable when you see breakdowns like this. I really wish they'd focus more on this during the game rather than quickly cutting to commercial and having the commentators throw out some superlatives.
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    Anatomy of an Adjustment: A Defensive Back by Any Other Name...

    Fascinating stuff. When the Asiata TD happened my thought was that it was poor LB play rather than the Patterson motion that opened up that huge gap. Again, really makes you wish for better more insightful replay on the live coverage.   With the adjustments in the 2nd half. Where is that...
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    2014 BB PC Thread: Turn and look for the ball

    Dying with laughter at the "Bill, is one of the hardest things for a receiver to run the pick play?" response.   Bill: erm....erm....I don't know about that *stares at reporter for 5 seconds*
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    Football Central, a SoSH Project.

          So to elaborate more on this. I think it's a UX type thing for me. So for example, earlier today, I read DRS' great post about Achilles injuries. However, the thread here was basically just a link, so I navigated to the site. Read the article. Had a question for him about it, so then...
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    Football Central, a SoSH Project.

    This is awesome stuff. My one minor gripe is that the comments/to posts loop thing is pretty confusing for me.
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    Achilles Tendon Injuries in the NFL

    Great article. In it you say:     But is there any idea why this occurs? Seems like most players are doing a very repetitive action? Is it a case that the rupture occurs due to that repetition or just because that one time the load suddenly went through the roof through body mechanics or whatever.
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    Super Bowl XLVIII Seahawks vs Broncos

    Run up the score Seattle. DO IT