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    EPL...educate me & help me pick a team

    FYI I am an Arsenal fan but I would suggest Everton or Crystal Palace (after Arsenal but I'll try to keep the bias out of it). Highlights of each team:   Manchester United: Tons of Championships. Act like they deserve to win every year. Spend boat loads of money. Owned by the Glazers who are...
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    Dodgers Landing on Bay of Puigs

    Was at that game last night. That throw wasn't the only ridiculous play Puig made. He almost nailed another guy at third with a similar type of throw. The thing that blows my mind with his arm is that he releases the ball like a short stop. He doesn't bring it all the way behind him and then...
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    2013 College Baseball: The Road to the Ray Tanner Invitational

    Just got back from seeing the lone remaining undefeated team in the country, Dartmouth College.   Their success isn't just a product of an easy schedule, they've beaten Minnesota on the road, Utah and UAB as well as some weaker squads. That's just the product of being a Northeast team with a...