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    All-Potential and All-Disappointment Teams

    Does Juan Diaz fit in the DH spot of the all-potential team? I thought he’d be the next version of Mo Vaughn when I saw him in Pawtucket. Dude had monster power. Just looking him up now - didn’t realize he hit a homerun in his last MLB at bat too.
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    Cord Already Cut - Which/How Many Streaming Subs Do You Have and Why?

    I received the email that Roku may no longer support YTTV and I’m thinking of using this as an excuse to get NESN back through AT&T TV (but it will likely be $15 more a month than I pay). However, I love the YTTV interface and set up. What’s everyone’s experience been with AT&T TV? The channel...
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    2020-21 Providence College Hoops: What Happens to a Dream Deferred?

    I think another positive is that this team hasn’t lost to anybody that makes you cringe. Alabama and Illinois are good, NCAA tournament teams. I can accept them getting blown out early in the season. At this point last year they had lost to Northwestern, Long Beach State, Charleston, Penn, URI...
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    Sons of Peter McNeeley- Boxing Thread

    Snoop is the best.
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    Sons of Peter McNeeley- Boxing Thread

    I'm actually getting worried for Wilder's long term health. He's tough as nails, but just taking a pounding and looks so out on his feet.
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    2019-20 Providence College Hoops: Just Add Shooting the team we expected them to be from the start and the one that plans on showing up during Big East play? Or is it too little too late? Because Georgetown is getting more hammered right now.
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    2019-20 Providence College Hoops: Just Add Shooting

    They shot better than they have (although they were making a lot of bad shots they shouldn’t have taken) and Texas was ice cold the whole game. I don’t think this is a game that shows much moving forward. This felt more like a blind squirrel finding a nut than an actual improvement - but winning...
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    2019 UFC/MMA

    holy shit that was awesome and gross.
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    2018-19 Providence College Hoops: The Kids Are Alright

    Just got back from the game. They won by ten but after the first five minutes it felt like they were up 100. This team is noticeably more athletic than any team in recent memory and is so deep (pretty sure they had 11 different guys play decent minutes in the first half alone). Their legs are...
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    2017-18 Providence College Hoops: Great Expectations?

    Nova being able to swing their arms wildly and bringing them down hard at every shot PC takes and not getting called for shit is a pretty sweet bonus for a team ranked fourth in the country - like they need the additional help.
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    2017-18 Providence College Hoops: Great Expectations?

    Friars need an answer for Paschall, but man is this team fighting Nova so hard. It's like whatever Nova does they can't put PC away.
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    2017-18 Providence College Hoops: Great Expectations?

    Unreal. Coming back reminded me of when they beat Syracuse in OT after being down 17 and Austin Croshere went off in the 1995 Big East Tournament. What a fun win.
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    Red Sox games now available for live streaming on NESNgo app

    Has anybody tried to login to the NESNgo app via PS Vue and it tell you that your "cable provider does not allow you access to NESN"? I've been trying here and there since the announcement to see if they've cleared this up, but haven't had any success. It doesn't work on the iOS app or the...
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    One season or fewer: your favorite short-term Red Sox.

    David Cone in 2001. I loved that he came over after being a Yankee for six years and pitched well for the most part. Team lost his first 3 starts then won 14 of the next 15 starts he made. And then father time caught up and they lost the last 6 of 7. I was also amped for Smoltz, but that was...
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    Nattering Nabobs of Negativism

    How is this actually DD's fault though? DD signed the best free agent pitcher on the market, got the best available closer without domestic abuse charges, traded a middle of the rotation starter for cost controlled years of an electric reliever, got a starting pitcher who, a few days prior...