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    iPhone 12

    I'd be 100% Pacific Blue if I get one, which I am on the fence on since my XR is great but i really want to get the 12.
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    iPhone 12

    So can you put tempered glass on the back and have MagSafe still work? Very disappointed they put the cheaper breakable glass on the back.
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    10/25 - 49ers at Patriots

    Zo says Stidham time
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    10/25 - 49ers at Patriots

    Going to be weird when Bill fires his kid.
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    10/25 - 49ers at Patriots

    It has to be Stidham time
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    We're onto Beetle and Zolak: The Midday Thread

    I know people hate Adam Jones, but with Beetle out it's Hardy, Zo & Jones. I could listen to Jones doing John Henry all day.
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    iPhone 12

    Yeah my wife's family is in Brant Lake, so right next door. My Verizon coverage is "good" (which means it's working) basically until Exit 24 on 87. From there, coverage on State Route 8 and at BL is really hit or miss, but AT&T was a 100% black hole.
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    iPhone 12

    Where in Upstate are you? The Verizon coverage is so much better up the 87 area by Lake George, where AT&T is horrible. Is Xfinity Mobile an option? It's on the Verizon Network, they cripple tethering speeds which sucks, but other than that it's basically Verizon at 1/4-/12 the cost.
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    Week 5--Broncos @ Patriots (maybe)

    Glad you're brining the fire outside of just V&N.
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    Week 5--Broncos @ Patriots (maybe)

    I'm not one to complain about a ton of calls, but that was fucking awful and that ref should be fired.
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    2020 Jets: For Whom the Bell Tanks

    42 pages of schadenfreude here:
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    2020 NFL: Post Season Bubble in LA & Dallas?

    Exactly. Tell the 16 NFL teams to be locked in a bubble so they can have fans in the seats! Does Alabama have the ability to host this?
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    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    I turned it on today because I thought it might be interesting between the game and Dak. I'm not going to make it 20 min. This opening segment is brutal trolling as you said. I'm going to find something on Netflix to put in on the background.
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    2020 Tompa Bay: Tom Tom Club

    Like this? View:
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    10/5–Pats at Chiefs

    Why didn’t Stidham start this game?