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    Problems logging in

    Yesterday I noticed I was logged off from SoSH on my desktop. This itself is weird since I hadn’t logged myself off at any point. I tried to log in and received an incorrect password message, though I am definitely using the correct password. I’ve clicked reset password 4 or 5 times since...
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    4/21 - A trilogy of victories

    Eck is cracking me up tonight.
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    4/15- 1:10 PM ET @ MIN: Four wins in 72 hours

    Thanks for the make up call
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    4/15- 1:10 PM ET @ MIN: Four wins in 72 hours

    Unbelievable. What a joke.
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    2020-2021 NBA Game Thread

    Kanter had a night. 24pts/30rbs.
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    1/4 - Celtics @ Raptors

    Hmmm. Maybe the Celts should get out and defend the 3?
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    1/1- Celtics @ Pistons

    Smart thinks he's LeBron
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    1/1- Celtics @ Pistons

    Get a stop and give the damn ball to J or J...
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    1/1- Celtics @ Pistons

    Pistons just eating C's alive on the offensive boards.
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    1/1- Celtics @ Pistons

    Jaylen seems like he get to any spot on the court that he wants these days.