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    SoSH Golf, 2022

    @Doug Beerabelli congrats! That is awesome! I had my Member Guest at Farm Neck this past weekend. Last year my buddy and I had the goal of not finishing last. Fail - we finished last by one stroke. This year we finished 3rd out of 11 in our flight so we were happy happy. It was best ball...
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    Red Sox Trade Deadline 2022

    I’m not very up on the current CBA. Do we get a juicy draft pick if we keep JD then he leaves in the off season?
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    After Babe Ruth ... who?

    Clemens kissing his finger then touching the Babe Ruth plaque in the Toilet before every game bothered me much more than Boggs on the horse. I was 15 in '86 and absolutely adored Clemens, but fuck him.
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    After Babe Ruth ... who?

    This is my thought too. Why hate on Damon when it was Boston that didn't want him back? And by the time he left we had exorcised the demon that was NYY anyway. I voted Boggs. He was my guy in the 80's.
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    Sports Cards Mania

    I hope so but based on what’s in that picture, no. Those two ‘57 Mantles look well centered but can’t tell condition otherwise. Assuming they’d grade out around a PSA 6 they may fetch $2k each.
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    NFL: News and transactions

    Agree it's seems like Seattle or bust, but Houston may be interested too.
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    2022 MLB Draft

    Just went to the Padres at #15.
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    The Open Championship - St. Andrews (Old Course)

    So how do we expect Tiger to do? Seems like some things are working in his favor like understanding the course/how to play it and his previous success there. Couple that with less importance on bombing and it seems he may do pretty, pretty good?
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    SoSH Golf, 2022

    Congrats on the sub-80!
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    6/29 Blame Canada ...

    No sweat.
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    SoSH Golf, 2022

    Well after not breaking 90 before this season I've done it five times now, with my best being an 85 at Widows Walk. Had two birdies, six pars, five bogeys and five doubles. A weird but awesome round for me. My handicap is down to 15.7 now from 19.9 to start the season. I am trying to let go...
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    2022 PGA Tour

    Scroll up.
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    2022 US Open (Golf) - The Country Club in South Brookline, MA

    Sounds like a great day! On the 'Trophy Club' thing, I went on Monday and had the same. That 'premium facility' is simply a big tent where you can pay $20 for a tiny Ruth Chris steak sandwich or other food items. It's a good spot to cool down and grab a beer and some food but that's about it..
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    5 vs 8: Where we discuss the quality (or lack thereof) of NBA Playoff Officiating

    I still can't believe that Green literally tackled Williams and they called the foul on Williams. That's the kind of shit that turned me away from this league years ago.