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    2020 Masters Week--College GameDay live from Augusta

    On phone and can’t post it but Rahm skipped in an ace on 16. Pretty cool!
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    BEAT L.A. (The Gamethread)

    Happy for Roberts. And Mookie.
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    2020 Cowboys: Dak Out for Season

    I don't know about a top 5 pick. They're currently 8th, and they've got two vs Philly, another vs Giants, another vs Wash, and Bengals and Vikings. Sure, they don't look like they could beat anyone right now but there's a lot of offensive firepower there and of those six games I could see 3-3...
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    2020 NFL: Wk.7 Game Thread

    Cowboys and Eagles next Sunday. Woof.
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    2020 NFL: Wk.7 Game Thread

    Terrible. And if you’re determined to do that at least run a QB sneak in 2nd down to burn 40 seconds off the clock. I’d do that twice, but I suppose you could make a case to kick the FG on 3rd down in case of a bobbled snap or something. All of the decisions made were awful.
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    It never gets old - reflections on Oct 17-20, 2004

    Damon's 2nd homer of Game 7. That's when I knew. The Pedro inning didn't phase me at all.
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    2020 NFL: In-season News and Transactions

    All teams have injuries and I get that, but the Eagles are really taking it to a whole new level. They've lost: Six out of Seven top OL Top three WRs Top two TEs Top RB Yet they still put up 29 vs Pitt and 28 vs Balt over the last two weeks (granted that was with Ertz & Miles Sanders for most...
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    Down 3-0, 2004 vs. 2020 comp

    I really don’t want Houston to pull this off.
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    2020 Cowboys: Dak Out for Season

    Feel terrible for Dak. Hope he makes a full and speedy recovery.
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    2020 NFL: Wk.5 Game Thread

    I’m not worked up at all. You said that if TB met postgame that the NFL would do all sorts of bad things to him, seemingly because he was a Patriot or something. We’ve seen players do the postgame thing every game and so far as I know no punishment has happened. Belichick met with Reid, no...