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    How Do You Root For the Sox?

    I primarily am a "Laundry" guy but there are definitely players that have a special place in my fandom even after they leave the Sox. Mookie is obviously the most recent example but I would always cheer for guys that leave here that were special to the team. Nomar and Pedro but not someone like...
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    June MLB Game Thread

    That's right, it's the racism that is keeping you from better umpiring opportunities.......
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    Chris Sale aiming to return

    Can never have too much pitching. End. As for clearing space on the 40/26 I'm sure some of the bullpen arms are fungible. And Winckowski/crawford will certainly go back to the minors to open rotation slots.
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    Former players in talks to join NESN booth

    You are remembering correctly and I agree - they were pretty decent in the booth. As of right now though my vote would be Youks in there with Eck and OB - obviously Youkilis would have to want it but he seems to be having a good time and is getting better every game.
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    How to get back in this thing

    there have been rumors that the twins turned on the AC blowing balls inward during other teams at bats and turned it off during theirs.
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    Red Sox trivia

    I did the same, forgot that the last one in the answer even played for this team.
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    How to get back in this thing

    I don't think that winning the division matters nearly as much when there are 3 wild card spots to reach for. The Yankees can run with the division so long as the Sox get IN. See above - the bigger playoffs give teams a longer time to decide if they are in or out.
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    2022 HOF Candidates: Ortiz and Papelbon First Time on Ballot

    Is there any among us who wouldn't chip in $40 towards paying Pedro's finder's fee on Papi? We don't deserve Pedro, he's just hillarious.
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    Following Former Red Sox 2022 Edition

    Well played. But now I want some magical BBQ
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    Red Sox in season discussion

    The issue with many posters here (and generally Sox fans in the wild) is that there is a false equivalency of Verdugo = Mookie since he's the big league player that came back in that deal and has been the most visible part of that. Verdugo was never going to be Mookie or even Wal-Mart brand...
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    Former players in talks to join NESN booth

    i didn’t even like it the few games he did. He’s too much of playing a character to be a booth guy. IT is where he should be.
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    Former players in talks to join NESN booth

    Literally had come here to say the same thing. He’s really improved a ton over the last few weeks. Definitely better than Millar and most of the others.
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    Trevor Story has signed with the Boston Red Sox

    1163 feet worth of HR tonight. Seems like he’s seeing the ball well.
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    Chris Sale aiming to return

    If you want to see this in action and how it gets abused, look no further than the LTIR in the NHL. Which has a league where a guy who is still technically on contract with the AZ Coyotes is also currently employed by the League (Pronger).
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    Red Sox ‘22 offense: offensively offensive

    Xander is not part of the problem. Devers barely is.