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    Jerry Remy Signs New Multiyear Deal

    May have to make heavy use of the alternate audio feature on this season, but great news regarding JR. Hopefully this is a non issue and Remy/Eck can make it through the season without any significant substitutions.
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    Jerry Remy Signs New Multiyear Deal

    O'Brien also receives what is likely to be a hefty salary from ESPN, especially as a graduate from ESPN University. As stated above, the depth issues aren't restricted to the field. It's rather amazing that an executive who knows as much as Werner about media would 1.) not only stick with Remy...
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    Odor vs. Joey Bats Round 2!

    Pythag karma is a bitch...
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    Benintendi back on the roster

    I'll never forget Tony G botching a double play ball vs Pale Hose in the 05 ALDS that could've stopped the bleeding in game 2 to split at US Cellular Guaranteed Drop Rate Field
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    Pitching Targets

    Heyman says Yankees would not agree to Miller for Giolitto swap @JonHeyman for the record, yankees would not do this "Jon Morosi @jonmorosi Sources who have spoken with #Nats believe they would trade Lucas Giolito to #Yankees for Andrew Miller, straight up." Apologies for the formatting, I'm...
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    April MLB game thread

    Wasn't “pretty douchey" the Royals MO last year? Just keeping with the superstition...
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    The 25-Man Roster: A Work In Progress

    Shaw did start 3 games in PAW last summer before coming up. SSS etc. with only 6 chances, but 0 errors and and 2 assists in those games makes me somewhat hopeful we wouldn't see Youk-level incompetence/tentativeness in a LF emergency by Travis Shaw
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    Not sure if you found another solution to this, but setting the app to “hide scores" will make the default option beginning rather than live. If it's already displaying scores, then I'm not sure of the fix. But toggling this option will switch the default choice if you have scores hidden.
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    Should the Sox extend Mookie?

    I've heard there is some guy named after a fish that is pretty good, too
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    April 2015 Game Thread

      Theo said in an interview during the pregame that ideally he'd have Bryant's debut on the road but the move was made out of necessity due to Olt's injury. Regarding the lineup, I agree on that front...but Maddon had Longoria batting 6th in his debut and up to 5th by game 3. Clearly, Joe has...
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    The future behind the plate

        This is a great point. Swihart certainly has the athleticism to allow a Biggio-type conversion to an above average defensive spectrum position. I'd like to see him get a shot at RF for Pawtucket considering his plus arm, good instincts, and at least average athleticism. Considering Nava was...
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    Grady Sizemore DFA'd at last

    FWIW, Ellsbury in 2007 had 484 PA in AA and AAA combined...Mookie has 310 PA at the same levels. Now, obviously Ells went to college and advanced to the CWS which represents a high level of competition relative to age which Mookie hasn't faced until AA/AAA, yet both players have roughly 1200 PA...
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    Grady Sizemore DFA'd at last

          So the 2014 season is a loss already? I'm seeing a player down in Paw who has reached in 13 straight games SLG with who has the ability to play a position at which Boston has been the worst in the MLB. If Mookie has his confidence destroyed by <100AB after nearly 1000 AB in MiLB, that's...
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    Grady Sizemore DFA'd at last

      Can he be worse than our 30/30 OPS from the CF position? Maybe Holt is an anomaly but he is green to the position and picked it up quickly. If Brock Holt can play all 3 outfield spots (including Fenway RF) without ever doing so before in pro ball, I fell there can be a decent semblance of...
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    Grady Sizemore DFA'd at last

    Would love to see Mookie called up to fill the 40 spot and play center/Ben Zobrist, have the Gomes and Brock Holt platoon in LF, and JBJ play right. If the Sox' brass is as adamant about a CF in RF as we think, JBJ prolifes well. Not as fast as Vic, but great jumps/reads and at least a...