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    The Game Goat Thread: WCG @ Buffalo

    Belichicks/Mayo. Defense was ghastly.
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    Patriots at Bills Part 3

    Creeping on the 31-point margin of loss set v Bills in 03 for worst of BB tenure here.
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    Patriots at Bills Part 3

    Wonder how this game affects the HC prospects for Frazier/Daboll/Mayo/McD next year
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    Patriots at Bills Part 3

    Has a BB defense ever given up 5 TDs on first 5 possessions?
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    Patriots at Bills Part 3

    Against the Patriots, McKenzie looks like Welker in 2007
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    2022 coaching carousel

    People have mentioned Flores rejoining the Pats staff, which many feel is unlikely. What about Judge: would there be interest on either side? New England just had its worst Special Teams season by DVOA since Parcells.
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    SoSH Playoff Predictions 2022

    Round 1: KC (2) over PIT (7) NE (6) over BUF (3) CIN (4) over LV (5) Round 2: TEN (1) over NE (6) KC (2) over CIN (4) AFC CG: TEN (1) over KC (2) Round 1: TB (2) over PHI (7) DAL (3) over SF (6) LAR (4) over ARI (5) Round 2: GB (1) over LAR (4) DAL (3) over TB (2) NFC CG: GB (1) over DAL...
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    Pearl Jammin' with Grandpa, the Bill Simmons Thread

    Even this he stole from Kornheiser, though I think many in this forum believe Simmons takes himself more seriously than he does. With the exception of the occasional dip into race relations, public health, etc., it's an entertainment podcast.
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    Sox sign Wacha

    Maybe I'm missing something, @Diamond Don Aase. It looks like you're cherry picking players from a large set to prove a point, but what that point is, I don't know. If you think the free agent cost of one fWAR win is less than 7M, or if you think Wacha is a bad choice for 1/7M, I'd be interested...
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    Sox sign Wacha

    Why isolate 3 out of 162 pitchers? I'm not saying Wacha is great; I'm not saying he's good. But the contract doesn't seem irrational to me. It's between what Perez (114 IP) and Richards (136 IP) got last year, and someone has to make up those innings. I'd like a front-line starter. Signing...
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    Sox sign Wacha

    Wacha had 1.1 fWAR in 124 IP. Seven million is about the cost of a win on the free agent market the last few years; if anything, the price is a little low. He had higher fWAR than Richards or Perez last season, for whatever that's worth.
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    When Do You Want to See Chris Sale Pitch Again?

    This is pretty much where I am. I'd go ERod with Pivetta as long man in G4, Houck with all hands on deck in G5. For the rest of this series, treat Sale like Barnes.
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    When Do You Want to See Chris Sale Pitch Again?

    Per Alex Speier: "Sale had a 2.25 ERA in his first 40 innings for the Red Sox, heading into the 6th inning of his eighth start against the Orioles. Since then (6th inning vs Orioles on 9/28, Washington start, tonight): 3 2/3 innings, 10 runs." Edit: Mods, please move thread to Red Sox Forum...
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    10/3 - Patriots vs. Buccaneers: TB12 Returns

    I approve of that play call