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    Let's talk possible 1st round opponents

    Caps all day long. Islanders seem to have the Bruins' number this year and it scares me.
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    2021 Golf Thread

    I just purchased new irons after several years of playing a set of Callaway steel head x-14's with graphite shafts. I am 48 and have been a 20-26 handicap for several years, but looking to improve so as to at least consistently be in the eighties. (Lowest recent score was a 90). My best...
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    MLB umpire Brian O'Nora arrested in sex sting operation

    The perp photos in that link look like a photo booth from a SoSh gathering. I would not try to get into the mind of one of these perps, but in this day and age why would anyone even begin to try to do this kind of thing on line?
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    Joe West confiscates pitchers scouting report (9/2 update- Players allowed to use cheat sheets)

    Except rosin is specifically sanctioned by MLB. Note cards are not.
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    Teddy Ballgame's last game fan film surfaces and now in color!

    That's beautiful footage, wow. HR is just a little past 3 minute mark. Amazing to see the place maybe half full, if that.
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    2018 Triple Crown - Run for the Roses

    Won the exacta box with Justify and Good Magic for about $100.00. Not bad. Definitely putting some money on Justify for the Preakness, he looks really strong for a Triple Crown opportunity.
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    5/4/18 -- Lightning at Bruins, G4

    The whole fucking series. It’s like he’s asleep
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    5/4/18 -- Lightning at Bruins, G4

    Pasta carrying the team on his back this period
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    Game 1 at Tampa - Ride the Lightning

    Balls of steel on DeBrusk playing the end of that shift the way he did
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    I'm trying to figure out if I should respond to this message

    So, a couple of six hours, that means he still has like 12 hours, right?
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    Colts Next Banner: We Almost Had McDaniels

    My thoughts exactly. I'm still pissed that this is the guy who has Garcia's guitar collecting dust in his basement.
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    The We're Actually Playing in Hartford Yard Goats 2017 Thread

    I'll set aside my hesitation to give these fools my money, but only if they charge a reasonable price for a hot dog.
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    Citgo Sign a Landmark

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    New Britain Rock Cats Moving To Connecticut's Armpit

    Good question, the article doesn't really say. All it indicates is that the city now has a claim against the insurer of the developer/park to pay to complete the park. Then, I would imagine baseball next year. The way this has gone, who knows. I think I hear the people of New Britain laughing...
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    New Britain Rock Cats Moving To Connecticut's Armpit

    Mayor and Stadium Committee now cutting ties with developer and construction company.