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    Garrett Richards' simplified delivery

    Thanks for all the responses. Maybe you're simply using hyperbole, but I'm not buying that a millimeter or nanosecond difference would turn a quality pitch into a meatball. If so, no human could be a consistent pitcher. Depending on your definition of slight, this seems unlikely to me. From...
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    Garrett Richards' simplified delivery

    I intuitively understand why game-to-game variability exists. I'm befuddled by the outlier pitches within a game where it's clear the ball is spinning but not breaking.
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    Garrett Richards' simplified delivery

    These weren't helpful because I did a poor job of asking the question, while making too many unstated assumptions. Of course velocity, spin rate, and spin angle affect movement. But it seems to me that a single MLB pitcher throwing a slider will be pretty consistent with all those inputs until...
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    Garrett Richards' simplified delivery

    Can somebody explain the physics behind why 2 sliders with identical spin rates would have a different amount of break? (I'm assuming each slider is gripped the same way.)
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    Bullpen '21

    Whitlock has 4 appearances in 21 games, essentially the same number of appearances he'd have as a starter. If that usage keeps up, his workload will be like a starter. How many innings should he get with this type of workload?
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    Baseball on Television

    I was in Korea at the time of this game, and got up early to go hiking. While eating breakfast I was following on the internet. My hike was delayed until the game ended.
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    2019 Game Ball Thread: Wk. 5 at Washington

    I don't have a link, but early in the preseason my son told me he read that Michel worked on his pass receiving this off season. I'm hoping his receiving opportunities continue to increase.
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    2019 Pats: Best WR Corps Ever?

    A shout out to Darryl Stingley, Stanley Morgan, and Russ Francis.
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    SB53: Pats vs. Rams Buildup

    In the surprise play department, I'll bring up Edelman passing. McVay has seen it first hand in college, so maybe the Rams will overprepare.
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    "This is the first time I heard any of this stuff," said Bradley Jr

    I'd guess he calls Big Papi, "David".
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    Rename the Red Sox AAA Team!

    The interweb tells me it's the Warriors. Worcester Warriors has alliteration going for it.
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    MLB Playoff start times and its declining viewership

    It's not pitching changes, it's in-inning pitching changes. Limit that to once for the starter and one more. If you remove the starter between innings, you only get one. If you want/need to exceed that, the penalty is the next hitter and every base runner moves up one base.
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    Best 2018 Red Sox postseason moments

    I'll add Mookie going deep after his 13 at bat hitless string. That was the moment I knew the Dodgers were toast. The Martinez and Pearce homers were confirmatory.
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    This is the best Red Sox team...ever.

    0.875 on the road!
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    OK other then 2004 what was the sweetest pennant?

    This is like choosing among Treehouse IPAs, they're all great. I loved the 75 team, the 86 ALCS was a thriller, the 04 ALCS was historic, the 07 ALCS another thriller, and the 18 AL playoffs cemented the greatness of the 108 win regular season. But Boston Strong wins for me, as bringing a city...