Pollard's Spartan Beard

<p>"The Jumbotron was the symbol of the rising level of narcissism in the society: Bob Ryan of the <i>Globe</i>, appalled by the fact that so many fans had left an overtime game between Boston and Atlanta before the overtime period began, wrote that too many modern fans were more concerned with seeing themselves on the Jumbotron than in seeing the game. What was amazing, he noted, was that these endless banal promotions did not take place merely during the regular season between two teams down on their luck but even during the Finals."<br>
<div>- David Halberstam, <i>Playing for Keeps</i></div>
<br><br><p>"Most guys are just basketball or football. Clyde is a title. It's different. It's a style. I can dig it."<br>
<div>- Walt "Clyde" Frazier, <i>Rockin' Steady</i></div>
Jan 24, 1985 (Age: 38)
Siskiyou County, CA


...in 2005 Walker launched 645 three-pointers, over 100 more than anyone else in the league, but hit only 34.4% of them... once asked why he shot so many threes, Walker responded, "Because there are no fours."