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    Tiger Woods Car Accident - Ongoing News and Commentary

    I never drove anything other than a manual transmission until I was 40, and I only switched because they are mostly disappearing. I’ve never referred to that as “heel toe” or whatever, that’s just how you drive a car with a manual transmission. Is there another way?
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    Before the Draft: Tales told by idiots, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing

    The OP hits on many of the reasons I am not a draft guy. I don't have time to study tape and read about prospects, and if it is a crapshoot for NFL teams what hope do I have of ever having an informed opinion on draft prospects? Obviously people are way into it and that's cool, and I do enjoy...
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    New England Patriots Hall of Fame

    I agree Hightower is a slam dunk. Cornerstone of three SB defenses and two signature SB plays without either of which there might be two fewer Lombardis in the Hall.
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    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    What's to trash about the video? It was great. Im generally pretty cynical when it comes to sports but as a Pats fan what is not to like about Julian Edelman’s story? I don’t listen, but man these guys suck.
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    Julian Edelman released and announces retirement

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    Julian Edelman released and announces retirement

    Edelman’s HOF case (to the extent you think he has one) is entirely dependent on his post season numbers. There’s no argument he belongs based on regular season by itself. He’s not close.
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    Thank you, Julian Edelman

    Stanley Morgan is to me the greatest WR in franchise history considering the era he played in, the teams he played on and the QBs he caught passes from. But, I’m not going to argue vociferously against anyone who thinks it is Jules. Morgan obviously didn’t have the opportunities Edelman had in...
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    Thank you, Julian Edelman

    Not surprising, but still this news shreds me. What a player. Got a little dusty in the room watching that video. Thanks for everything Jules.
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    4/9 vs. MIN

    I don’t think I’ve ever made an appearance in a Cs game thread but this pulled me in. Larry was my boyhood hero. Watching the game with my son and I could not believe that. Now get off my lawn.
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    Would tanking in 2020 been a better option for QB draft position?

    What does tanking mean in this context? Bill is admittedly a tough coach to play for, practices are tough and he is demanding of his players. If the reward for that is purposely losing games or not doing everything to try to win, and not allowing guys to show their abilities on the field to...
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    2021 Pats Schedule

    I mean, I like the splash they made in FA, but it's a bit absurd predicting wins and losses when we don't know who is going to be playing QB.
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    Kevin Durant may be a (insert your favorite insult here)

    Rappaport is an asshole. He's a semi-regular celebrity caller/guest on the Howard Stern Show, and participates in their NFL fantasy league with a bunch of the staffers. He regularly leaves them all voice mails talking trash where his go-to insult is threatening to rape them, violate them, etc...
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    NFL Announcer Tiers: All-time & Current

    Joe Buck is the toughest one to rate for me. Trying to be objective he’s very good at his craft and I like games when he and Troy are at the helm. But I also agree with @luckiestman that his Moss tirade was beyond childish and it seems like he’s a pompous blowhard who needs to get punched in the...
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    Sexual Assault Lawsuit Filed against QB DeShaun Watson

    She is a top notch Twitter follow for any NFL fan, particularly if you think the NFL disciplinary process is FUBAR.
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    Pats Re-sign James White for Alnother Year

    Tony Collins was one of my favorite players growing up. He had an interesting career. Over 800 yards rushing as a rookie and a 1000 yard season at age 24, but he really wasn't that much of a threat in the passing game until later in his career. His first four seasons his high for receptions...