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    Foleys Pub in NYC Closing

    I love that place so much. Shaun has one of the biggest autographed ball displays you'll ever see. Everyone is so nice there. I would go there every time before going to MSG for a game or concert. I would also go there whenever possible one of the first days of the NCAA's too. It was a big...
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    Rethinking Barstool?

    Hate to say it, but I was right. There was no way RG was going to do anything with Portnoy.
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    May NHL News

    Training camps won’t begin before July 10. View:
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    2020 NFL: Offseason News and Notes

    Hope this helps the Pats be on more in NY. If Giants are on at 1 on fox and jets aren’t in the 1 pm window that may be an opening. View:
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    Non-revenue college sports thread

    The problem for UConn is this. The state is completely broke and to my knowledge UConn has relied on a good amount of state funds to help fund the athletic department. If I'm wrong about this please let me know. They also don't generate enough revenue around their gameday experience...
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    2019-2020 Bruins

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    May NHL News

    The playoffs will be seeded by conference not division. They could see Tampa in the 2nd rd if they are 1-4 or 2-3 seeds.
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    MLB Suspending ST Games and Regular Season Delayed At Least 2 Weeks

    What a gigantic shitshow this is. They are losing fans by the day.
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    May NHL News

    It will all depend on when they start and how the rest of the summer goes, but Bettman left the door open to move the CF and SCF's to home sites. I want the #1 seed just because of that possibility.
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    One round: Seminole or Medalist?

    I voted Medalist because I would not break 110 at Seminole with those greens. But I wouldn't be clamoring to play either of those. I want to play a couple of local(to me) courses first in Shinnecock and Friar's Head.
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    May NHL News

    Bettman also said that there is still a possibility that the conference finals and SCF games could be played in the home markets of the teams in it.
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    May NHL News

    Bettman confirms the round robin will determine the top 4 seeds. Any tiebreakers would be broken by whoever had the best regular season points percentage. He said the reasoning behind this was that there was concern about the top 4 seeded teams being at a disadvantage playing someone coming...
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    May NHL News

    Assuming that a team in the playoffs won't get to play at home, what are the likely cities out of those 10 to host? Eastern Conference in Chicago and Western Conference in Toronto? I would think they'd want to have the games out of the Pacific Time Zone.
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    May NHL News

    Too soon for this joke. Too soon.
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    May NHL News

    It's absolute bullshit. What the hell did the regular season even mean if they're going to determine the top 4 seeds in a 3-game sequence? All of the Bruins' good play goes down the drain.