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    RIP Travis Roy

    This is truly awful news. In a year where it's easy to think, "Can it really get any worse?" 2020 keeps finding a way to do so. It was my junior year at BU (and my second year of being a season ticket holder for the hockey team). We were so excited to be opening the season and celebrating...
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    Bruins vs. Tampa Bay - Game 4

    Wtf is the point of even having the games if they’ve already decided TB gets to play by a different set of rules? This is horseshit
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    Thoughts about media types who don't have their own threads

    Not sure if exactly where to post this but it is heartbreaking and certainly had to have impacted his energy and enthusiasm (not calling out your post JA, this was just the most recent quote about Sickels that came up when I searched). John Sickels on why he left baseball writing...
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    8/15 - @ Canes (Game 3). Let's win a game.

    No one else has mentioned it so maybe it’s just me but I thought Wagner played a really strong game today.
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    Red Sox Greatest Hits

    Thanks for finding this video! This hit was the first one that came to my mind (that wasn't one of the big hits from the championship runs that I'm sure we all thought of immediately). I was 15 at the time and McDonough's call, "The unlikeliest of heroes!" has stuck with me throughout the rest...
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    2019 Mets: My Agent Is Now My GM

    Then they went and outMetsed themselves with the apology
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    Game 7 - Bruins v. Blues

    I can’t believe after all the success we’ve witnessed from the local teams over the past 18 years how important tonight feels to me. I won’t waste everyone’s time with a long post repeating much of what many of you have said more eloquently than I ever could, but this team, these players need...
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    Auction Item: A Carton of Toast! Gummies + A Special Bonus!

    It’s a good cause so $500
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    Auction Item: A Carton of Toast! Gummies + A Special Bonus!

    I don’t want you to get stuck with something you won’t be able to appreciate so you’re now outbid. $200.00
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    Want Pliny? Help My Godson get a Kidney

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Can't think of a better reason to lose my posting virginity. Donation made (not looking for the beer but applaud your taste). Keep on fighting Harrison!